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What’s all the Commotion Surrounding Smart Charging Units?

Comprehending the advantages of Smart charging units in comparison to the conventional (also known as ‘dumb) charging units is vital when deciding to purchase an EV charging unit. Just as the name implies, Smart Charging Units are branded as a ‘smarter’ way to charge your EV, in comparison to conventional charging units. They are not only able to be controlled using your smart device (phone, laptop, etc), but are also equipped with a variety of functions that enable them to be:


  1. The ‘GREENER’ option & financially superior: Just when you thought that EV charging units could not possibly get any more environmentally sustainable along comes to the ‘Smart charger’. The foremost and most notably differential feature between a Smart charging unit and a conventional one is that through the use of an app, a Smart charging unit not only allows the user to manually schedule charging sessions to off-peak usage times but to also adjust and regulate the current (voltage/amperage) being ejected. In turn, further bringing down one’s carbon offset and electricity consumption (by up to 30%), and putting even more money back into your pocket
  2. Energy-efficient and safe: A remarkable feature of Smart charging units is the ability to set up ‘Load Balancing’. Through the use of the app, you are able to distribute your home’s energy capacity amongst the EV charging unit and other appliances in your home. The two main advantages of using the ‘Load Balancing’ feature are its ability to protect your home from a power-trip episode and also protect your pocket from surcharges on your next power bill from your energy provider (for exceeding your home’s maximum energy consumption). When you are nearing your maximum energy consumption, the charger will automatically reduce its energy expenditure during a charging session (and may even halt it altogether) until adequate energy levels become available. In turn preventing you from exceeding your home’s maximum energy consumption, protecting your home and your pocket.
  3. Easily monitored and controlled: Although some conventional charging units do display an inbuilt screen, the functions of this screen are limited and are primarily used to display the charging status, voltage/amperage used, power consumption, battery percentage, and session length. In comparison, the Smart charging unit enables you to not only access all these monitoring qualities but also enables you to adjust the current (voltage/amperage) being ejected, track the charging history and use of the charging unit itself, as well as stop and start the charging process, all remotely using an app downloadable to your smart device.
  4. Always Connected: Smart charging units are secured with an ‘onboard intelligence’ feature, meaning that if the WIFI internet connection is disturbed (eg. power outage or connectivity blackspots in your garage), through the use of Bluetooth or 4G connectivity the charging unit is able to resume functioning (without the need for WIFI).
  5. Efficient for multiple users: Another feature that makes Smart chargers unique is that some Smart charging units are multi-user friendly and allow you to set up a pin code for each individual user for the purpose of not only accessibility but also history tracking and usage monitoring. This data can then be used to calculate the cost of each individual’s energy usage, and in turn, users are able to pay for their energy consumption from any location at any time, through the app, making charging roommates or guests a breeze.


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