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Whether you are a charging station operator, an electric vehicle service provider, a utility or energy company, an oil and gas company or a car company, we have smart solutions that suit your business channel.

OCPP is a global open communication standard. It is an open standard issued by the Open Charge Alliance in the Netherlands. It is mainly used to solve various difficulties in communication between private charging networks. OCPP has been applied to more than 100,000 charging facilities in more than 100 countries, so in essence it has become the industry standard for network communication of charging facilities.

Our Partners intelligent network charging solution is based on Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 JSN. Through smart cloud platform and smart charger, we help our customers build smart charging stations to realize smart charging, operational data management, users management, charging management, dynamic load balancing, remote fault diagnosis, and online firmware upgrades

our platform and hardware combine the most advanced technology and the most professional industry concepts to help each charging station easily realize intelligent network management.
Bill / Collection
Remote Monitor
APP control
Bill / Collection
Remote Monitor
APP control
Smart Charging
Functions Supported
No. Message support or not No. Message support or not
1 Authorize 15 Stop Transaction
2 Boot Notification 16 Unlock Connector
3 Change Availability 17 Trigger Message
4 Change Configuration 18 Get Diagnostics
5 Clear Cache 19 Diagnostics Status Notification
6 Data Transfer 20 Firmware Status Notification
7 Get Configuration 21 Update Firmware
8 Heart beat 22 Get Local List Version
9 Meter Values 23 Send Local List
10 Remote Start Transaction 24 Reserve Now
11 Remote Stop Transaction 25 Cancel Reservation
12 Reset 26 Clear Charging Profile
13 Start Transaction 27 Get Composite Schedule
14 Status Notification 28 Set Charging Profile