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Electric Vehicle Charging Guide

We Help You to Find Right EV Chargers for Your Green Car !

Matching your electric car with a charger that fit your journeys and needs, it could be challenging sometime finding a home charger with the right features. We’re here to help you love your EV.

Use our one-of-a-kind Search & Find tool to help you navigate through our range and find the right charger for your vehicle.

Electric vehicles charger

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Audi EV Australia

Designing the Future Audi is one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world and for a considerable amount of decades. It has been

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BMW EV Australia

The ultimate driving machine Another German powerhouse, and since 1917. It also covers a chunk of the market share in the car industry. They’ve gone

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BYD EV Charging Australia

Australia’s latest car manufacturer is determined to make electric vehicles more accessible. Their popular mid-sized electric SUV, the BYD Atto 3, has become one of

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Ford EV Australia

 The American excellence Ford is one of the automobile brands committed to electrifying most of its fleet during the 2020s, and Australians can expect at

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GWM EV Australia

GWM is a well-known electric vehicle manufacturer. The company sells SUVs, passenger cars, and pickup trucks under four brands: HAVAL, WEY, ORA, and GWM Pickup.

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Hyundai EV Australia

Embracing Modernity Hyundai has recently announced its plan to sell 560,000 electric vehicles annually by 2025, starting with the release of IONIQ 5 in 2021.

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Kia EV Australia

New Future, New Rules Kia is the world’s largest car manufacturing giant from South Korea. The KIA Corporation was founded in 1944, and they have

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Lexus EV Australia

Live it Electric Lexus has a bold vision called ‘Lexus Electrified’, which involves introducing 10 new electrified vehicles by 2025. By 2030, Lexus aims to

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Mazda EV Australia

Mazda, New Future, New Rules Jujiro Matsuda created the Toyo Cork Kogyo, a cork-making business in Japan. By the 1930s, this cork-making business had successfully

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Mercedes EV Australia

Enter the electric future today with Mercedes. Regarding luxury automobiles, few brands are comparable to Mercedes Benz. And this German giant has carefully crafted its

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MG EV Australia

A New Era: ELECTRIC FOR EVERYONE MG Motor has just released the MG4 Electric, an all-new, fully electric vehicle, in Australia and New Zealand. The

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Mini Electric Car

Small but Mighty The Mini car was created in the late 1950s due to the need for practical transportation options in Europe after World War

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Nissan EV Australia

A future of green mobility In 1972, Nissan established its headquarters in Australia and manufactured cars for two decades. Recently, the Dandenong South Casting Plant

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Polestar EV Australia

Polestar: The way electric cars should be Polestar is a Swedish automaker and part of the Volvo-Geely partnership. Since the 1990s, they’ve been well-known for

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Renault EV Australia

Next Generation is Only the Beginning Renault is one of the most historically rich brands in the world. This French automaker has created some of

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Tesla EV Australia

Tesla Big, Strong, and Irresistible When discussing manufacturers of electric vehicles, it is evident that no other brand compares to Tesla in terms of brand

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Volvo EV Australia

Future is Electric Volvo’s electric vehicles offer a perfect blend of Volvo’s uncompromising spirit and zero tailpipe emissions. In line with its commitment to responsible

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Cupra EV Australia

The New Generation’s Impulse Cupra is a Spanish automaker founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of SEAT, a Volkswagen Group subsidiary. It launched in Australia

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LDV EV Australia

GET THE JOB DONE WITH LDV LDV, a well-known automaker, has embraced this environmentally concerned trend by creating the ground-breaking LDV Electric Van. This completely electric

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Fiat EV Australia

Driven by passion The iconic Italian car, Fiat 500, is now electric while maintaining its signature style and spirit. With a new 100% electric platform,

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Honda EV

Simply effortless Honda aims to make two-thirds of their global automobile unit sales electric by 2030, specifically focusing on zero-emission vehicles, such as electric vehicles

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Toyota EV

Discover the seamless harmony of the Toyota EV’s hybrid technology, where the petrol engine and electric motor come together in perfect synchrony, forming a potent

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Volkswagen EV Australia

Taking charge of the future Volkswagen stands as a pioneering force in electrification, backed by over 45 years of tireless drive solutions research. Globally esteemed

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Mitsubishi EV Australia

Mitsubishi’s Plug-in Hybrid EVs offer zero-emission electric driving coupled with the efficiency of a hybrid petrol engine, making them a significant advancement over traditional hybrids.

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Chery EV Charging Australia

Chery, the Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer, has recently made a significant comeback in the Australian EV market through a factory-backed operation. Headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui,

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Subaru EV Australia

Subaru Australia recently introduced the Solterra, its first all-electric SUV, available in AWD and AWD Touring variants. This exciting addition to the Subaru lineup combines

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Jaguar EV Charging Stations

Jaguar is making waves in the Australian electric vehicle market with its all-electric performance ‘crossover’ style SUV, the I-PACE. This award-winning car redefines what an

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