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Workplace & Business Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Is your business planning on accomodating for electric vehicles? Are you looking to modernize and future-proof your business?
Are you looking to modernize and future-proof your business?

Our Answer

We offers a range of workplace electric vehicle charging solutions — hardware, software, and services and can help you create the perfect solution. Our Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations suit all your needs. Charging stations utilise Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), allowing you to select the third-party network provider that works best for your business.

Workplace electric vehicle charging stations are a great way to promote sustainability within your company. Not only will they reduce emissions, but they’ll also save your employees money on fuel. Workplace EV charging is a great way to show your employees that you’re committed to promoting sustainable practices. Not to mention, it can also help you attract new clients or customers looking for eco-friendly businesses.

Unfortunately, many workplaces don’t have the infrastructure to support EV charging. That’s where we come in. Whether you are looking to install a few chargers in your parking lot, want to create a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure at your hotel, or add one to your existing fleet, we can help you. Contact us today or visit our Sydney showroom to learn more about our commercial workplace electric vehicle charging solutions.

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Benefits for your business

EV Powerhouse partnerships are beneficial to your business in multiple ways. Through us you are able to:

Have your business publicly referenced

Apps such as ‘Plug Charge’ as well as many others are heavily relied on when electric vehicle drivers are in search for a EV charging unit, if you are interested in being publicly listed on these apps your business can be publicly referenced and in turn increase your revenue as electric vehicle drivers can locate your charging unit with ease and are most likely to explore your establishment while their car is being charged.

Attract customers to your establishment

With the constant demand for charging ports, installing an EV charging unit on site allows and encourages electric vehicle drivers to have a pit stop at your establishment while they top up (charge) their car.

Offers customers a great experience

Have you ever heard the saying “two birds with one stone”? Installing an EV charging unit on site allows customers the chance to shop while they charge. In turn you will be providing a more wholesome  shopping experience and customers are more likely to choose your business establishment (due to convenience and a time saving approach) rather than another competitor.

Increase customer connections

Charging units equipped with Smart EV charging allows your establishment the chance to source data and information about the electric vehicle driver. In turn giving you further customer insights and the ability to offer specific offers and deals based off their personal details and preferences, increasing the chance of a return visit.

Reduce your business carbon footprint

Reducing tailpipe emissions from vehicles can deliver significant health benefits for New South Wales, particularly for people living with, or more susceptible to, cardiovascular and respiratory health conditions like asthma and reduce other secondary health  impacts caused by these emissions., a large cross-industry effort is required to encourage wide-spread EV adoption. It’s important to be mindful of the intense scrutiny on how businesses are contributing to such efforts.

Modernise establishment & retain your employees

Providing an electric vehicle infrastructure at your workplace not only initiates a proactive approach to modernise your business, but also allows your establishment to immerse in modern culture and give employees the freedom to charge while they are at work. Which in turn attracts employees and retains your original workforce.

Change is coming and it pays to get ahead

The pressure on businesses to upgrade their fleet is increasing. And with the EV market growing, widespread adoption and the expectation for charging provisions in workplaces as standard is not too far off. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by getting ahead.

Cost reduction

Choosing the right charging solution and optimising your charging needs will improve the ROI for your electric vehicles and in turn generate an income for your business, especially if you choose to open it for public when it’s not in use by your employees and customers.

What EV Powerhouse offers

workplace ev charging

Charging infrastructure tailored to your operation

We provide reliable and tailor-made configurations that integrate into any operation—keeping your fleet ready to go at all times. Our charging solutions provide you with everything you need in one place to easily manage your charging network.

Intelligent and profitable solutions

Our charging solutions help you to reduce maintenance costs and optimize your energy consumption. Get a quick return on your investment and generate additional revenue by setting charging fees for visitors.

Design Your Own EV Fleet Charging Solution


Estimate The Demand

To determine your fleet’s charging needs, consider the number of electric vehicles you currently own or plan to acquire and the average daily distance traveled by each vehicle in kilowatts. Our fleet charging solution can help you identify and plan for your current and future EV charging needs.


Choose Energy Source

The right energy source and infrastructure can save you a significant amount of money and improve your return on investment. When choosing a fleet charging solution, consider your budget, the size of your fleet, and your demand to find the best option for your needs. Our team can help you determine the best charging solution for your specific situation.


Choose Design Level

When deciding on a fleet charging solution, consider your vehicle demand and choose a charging level that meets your needs and budget. Options include inexpensive Level 1 charging, faster Level 2 charging with advanced controls and monitoring, or installing chargers at drivers’ homes. Our team can help you determine the best mix of charging options for your fleet.


Choose Your Ownership Model

With our fleet charging solution, you can choose to restrict access to fleet vehicles only, or allow employees and/or the public to use the chargers when not in use by fleet vehicles. You may also require the advanced billing and cost allocation features of a networked Level 2 charger. Our team can help you determine the best charging options for your specific needs and budget.


Evaluate Cost Recovery Options

Our fleet charging solution can help you save on fuel and maintenance costs through fleet electrification. You may also choose to offset any increased energy costs by charging employees and/or visitors for their use of the charging stations. Our team can help you determine the best pricing structure for your specific needs and budget.

Design Your Own EV Business Charging Solution

1) Estimate The Demand

Determine your current expected EV charging needs, based on the number of EVs you currently own or plan to procure and how many Kw per day each vehicle will typically travel.

2) Choose Energy Source

Based on your budget, the size of your fleet and your demand choosing the right energy source and building the right infrastructure could save you a huge amount of money and improve your return of investment significantly.

3) Choose Design Level

Based on your fleet vehicle demand, consider what level of charging is appropriate for your need and budget. Will simple, inexpensive Level 1 charging meet your need, will you require faster charging speeds and advanced controls and monitoring of networked Level 2 charging? installing chargers at your Drivers’s homes? Or mix of all of that.

4) Choose Your Ownership Model

Access to the Chargers may be restricted to only fleet vehicles, or you may allow employee and/or public access to the Chargers when not in use by fleet vehicles. Additionally, your organization may require the advanced billing and cost allocation capability offered by a networked Level 2 charger..

5) Evaluate Cost Recovery Options

In addition to fuel and maintenance cost savings associated with fleet electrification, determine if you will charge employees and/or visitors to offset increased energy costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before installing commercial electric vehicle charging stations at a workplace, there are a few essential things to consider:

Space requirements for the charger — Make sure that there is enough room to accommodate it.

Power requirements of the charge — Ensure that the workplace has the electrical capacity to support it.

Any other impacts the charger may have on the workplace — Consider other factors such as noise level or heat output.

By considering these factors, workplaces can ensure that they install workplace EV charging in a way that best meets their needs.

Employers must know a few things before installing commercial electric vehicle charging stations. First, verify with your utility provider about limits or requirements. Second, you’ll require local permissions and approvals. Install the charging station according to all fire regulations. By following these procedures, you can verify your workplace EV charging station is safe and legal.

To help offset these costs, many businesses offer employees a discount on their charging fees. Others encourage employees to carpool or take public transportation by offering them free or discounted parking.

Property managers or company owners must maintain workplace electric vehicle charging stations after installation. Check the charging cables and stations periodically and switch off the power when not in use. A comprehensive EV policy should specify how staff should use workplace EV charging stations and what regulations they must follow. By following these procedures, companies can ensure commercial electric vehicle charging stations are safe for staff and guests.

At EV Powerhouse, we believe that workplace electric vehicle charging should be simple and worry-free. That’s why we offer after-sales support and warranties on all our products. If you have any issues with your purchase, simply reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help. We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers, and we hope you’ll take advantage of our after-sales support and warranties.

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