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Beny DC Fast EV Charger | 40KW

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BENY’s DC EV Charger | 40KW is at the forefront of electric vehicle charging technology. With an impressive power capacity of 40kW, this rapid-charging solution guarantees swift and effective charging for your electric vehicles. The lone charging outlet, featuring CCS2 compatibility, ensures smooth connectivity, delivering a convenient and trouble-free charging experience.

  • High Power Range: 40kW.
  • CCS2 Compatibility: Single charging outlet for seamless connectivity
  • User-Friendly Interface: 9.1-inch LCD screen for easy monitoring and control
  • Global Standards: OCPP 1.6 compliance ensures compatibility with various networks
  • Robust Construction: IP55 rating and backed by a 3-year warranty
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Beny Features

reliability High Reliability: Low failure rate with low operation and maintenance costs. Always available easy to use and profitable.

efficiency High Efficiency: Efficient and power-saving. Low heat loss and heat dissipation. Low overall power consumption and operating cost.

Safety Top Safety: Dual protection. Active protective function. No fire or electric shock risk. Safety of network and supply.

sustainable Environment friendly: Low noise and easy to use. Environment friendly

charger Fast Charging: Constant power output at different voltage and temperatures. Fast charging capability in all scenarios. Dispatching power according to different demands.

machine-learning Intelligent: Intelligently connect multiple operating devices with information-based remote operation management.

Beny DC charging station

Beny Overall Function

Our Beny DC Charging Station versatility extends beyond power delivery, encompassing a range of features to optimize user experience, ensure safety, and enhance efficiency.

Charging Modes and Display

Dynamic Adjustments: Automatically adjusts charging power based on battery data or offers manual settings for time, payment, quantity, or power-based charging. Provides real-time display of voltage, current, SOC, metering, billing, and fault notifications.

Parameter Settings and Self-Inspection

Customizable Parameters: Configurable thresholds for voltage, current, IP addresses, and communication ports. Conducts self-checks upon power-up, reporting faults promptly.

Software and Data Management

Upgrade Options: Supports remote or local software upgrades for enhanced performance. Facilitates data collection, upload, and storage with comprehensive logging and ample storage capacity.

Billing and Control

Flexible Billing: Offers local, backstage, cardless, or no billing options. Adapts to various charging modes, ensuring precise and efficient charging processes.

Alarm, Event Recording, and Access Control

Comprehensive Alerts: Detects abnormalities and communicates through sound, light, and screen notifications. Records events and implements password management for secure access

Clock Function

Precision Timing: Receives timing commands to meet timing requirements, ensuring accurate synchronization with external systems for seamless operation.

Beny Specifications

Model BBDC-40
Structure Description
Shell material Sheet Meal
Dimension 450*250*850(L*W*T)
Weight ≤65kG
Installation Method Wall-mounted
Cable routing Bottom inlet wiring, up outlet wiring
Cable length 7 M
Charging outlets Single (CCS2)
Connectivity authorization 10 RFID Cards, App
Screen 9.1inch LCD screen/LED light
Electrical Specification
AC input voltage AC380V±15% ,3P+N+PEAC
AC input current ≥72A
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power 40KW
Output voltage range CCS1/2: 150 Vdc –1000 Vdc
Output current 0~133A
Efficiency ≥94%
Power factor ≥0.99(load:100%)
Functional design
User Interface Emergency stop button, LED indicator, card swiping, touch screen
Charging stands IEC61851-1:2011, IEC61851-23:201 EN61851-1:2011; EN61851-23:2014,IEC61851-21-2:2018;
EN61000-6-2:2005; EN61000-6-4:2007+A1
Network interface Ethernet/4G
Environment condition
Application place Indoor/Outdoor
Working latitude <2000m
Working temperature -30~ +55
Working humidity 5%~95%
Protection level IP55
Natural cooling Forced-air cooling
Warranty 36 months warranty
Security design Over/under voltage protection, overload protection, current leakage protection,
grounding protection, overtemperature protection, lightning surge protection

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