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EV Charging Solutions

A Global reality, Made in Italy

Fimer solutions are based on over 80 years of experience and continuous technological advances. Operating in more than 20 countries, with over than 1,100 collaborators and one of the broadest solutions portfolio, Fimer now one of the leading manufacturers of energy conversion systems, ready to listen and face every challenge in every corner of the world.

Research & Development

Research & Development, the main production plants and all the main decision-making processes take place in Italy. At Fimer have a common goal that goes beyond all borders: to expand the Italian technological excellence to the whole world.

The production processes applied and the plants in which the inverters are manufactured play a key role in ensuring the high-quality Fimer’s offers. Engineering excellence, rigorous quality and testing standards are confirmed by Fimer global certifications; Fimer strives to achieve the highest levels of quality in every aspect of Fimer’s business.

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Fimer at Global Level

Certified Partners to ensure high-quality and reliable service at a global level. The excellence of the Made in Italy concept also extends to Fimer Service Partner Network. Fimer selects the Partners according to their professionalism and reliability and Fimer offer pre-and post-sales services, Customer support, webinars and constant education. At Fimer have a network of certified and trained partners, who know the market inside out and are available to propose Fimer solar and e-mobility solutions, tailored to local regulations and specific needs.

Fimer Charging Solutions

The electric mobility global market continues its unstoppable growth, both in terms of registrations of hybrid &  (PHEV) and & full-electric & (BEV) vehicles and, at the same time, the need to offer charging infrastructures is increasing. Since 2017, Fimer has been working with the main players in electric mobility, developing and manufacturing charging solutions for electrically powered vehicles, and at Fimer do so by listening to the needs of future generations of vehicles.
Fimer has developed devices, both in DC and in AC, designed to meet the diverse needs of users, who are seeking solutions for private, public and commercial use. FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox, FIMER FLEXA AC Station and FIMER ELECTRA DC Station, all easy to install, certified and customizable, cover today’s all market demands. As yet, Fimer has supplied more than 54,000 charging stations, both AC and DC, developed on the specific needs of Fimer Customers. Fimer also working on innovative platforms that will provide the level of service, technology, and innovation expected in a rapidly evolving market. Fimer is ready to take on the demands of this dynamic sector as protagonist.
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