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BYD EV Charging Australia

Australia’s latest car manufacturer is determined to make electric vehicles more accessible. Their popular mid-sized electric SUV, the BYD Atto 3, has become one of the top three best-selling electric cars in Australia in 2023. BYD EVs come with a Type 2 charging port meaning our BYD EV charging stations and cables are 100% compatible in Australia.

The BYD’s Blade battery can be swiftly charged to full capacity in approximately 50 minutes using an 80 kW DC fast charger. Alternatively, it can be charged at home using a Level 2 AC charging unit(recommended), taking around 8-9 hours for a full charge.

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The BYD’s Atto 3 has been awarded the title of Best EV under $70K for 2023 by DRIVE CAR OF THE YEAR. Its sleek and futuristic design, spacious cabin, and swift performance have surpassed other EV models.

Our Perfect BYD EV Supply Equipments Includes


We offer reliable installation services for BYD EV chargers at a reasonable price. Choose your location and leave the rest to us.

Meets AU Standards

Our EV charging stations and cables meet Australian standards and come with quality assurance. Safety is our top priority.

Environment Friendly

The carbon footprint of our BYD’s EV charging stations, cables, and accessories are offset, contributing to the fight against climate change.


BYD Charging stations and cables are warranty-backed for up to 3 years, ensuring reliable performance for your BYD electric car.

Customised BYD EV Charging Solutions

In search of reliable, well-suited, affordable and quality EV charging equipment, one might end up spending a considerable amount of time. We understand that finding the perfect products for sustainable development can be tough. To ease your charging process and enhance efficiency, EVPowerhouse offers a complete BYD charging solution for residential, commercial, and public use. Our solution includes:
  • ➦ Solutions designed to be accessible and scalable for the future.
  • ➦ Managing BYD EV charging stations through a mobile or desktop app.
  • ➦ Charging your BYD with solar energy.
  • ➦ Efficiently manage power with the use of dynamic load balancing.
  • ➦ The integration process with your CMS is perfectly seamless thanks to OCPP protocols.

Frequently asked question

In 2022, we’ve seen a huge spike in sales of global BYD electric cars-Australia is also following the trend. BYD is a Chinese auto manufacturer that has quickly become one of the leading players in the electric vehicle industry. BYD battery named Blade battery can hold a charge for longer and is much lighter and safer than Tesla’s making BYD’s electric vehicles more energy-efficient. Tesla is renowned for its innovative technology, from its signature Autopilot system to its range of high-performance electric cars. Both offer an excellent range with performance but BYD offers the best value in affordable price.

With the announcement of the latest model BYD seal, many EV enthusiasts are desperately waiting for BYD seal Australia. BYD’s success is largely due to its commitment to innovation and quality. BYD has been at the cutting edge of research & innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. The company has developed some of the most advanced technologies in the industry, including proprietary battery cells, efficient motors, and advanced driver-assistance systems. This has enabled BYD to create some of the most advanced and cost-effective electric vehicles on the market.

Yes, you can do that – but only if they have the same voltage. By connecting solar modules with different wattages in parallel, you still would be able to draw power from the system. Doing so will not affect the functionality of your solar system, but it will reduce its efficiency. A parallel connection allows the total output current to be equal to the sum of the different current values (amperage) of all the solar modules. For the purpose of net metering, the bidirectional meter is crucial no matter whether you have a series or parallel connected system.

Are Chinese-produced electric cars reliable? This question is often asked by those considering purchasing a Chinese EV. Regarding the stock, BYD ASX is heavily traded in the AU market because of its popularity. After a BYD test drive, an electric car driver can easily judge that BYD cars are best in performance, range and picking up acceleration. In comparison to Nissan, Hyundai Kona or even Tesla, BYD has the potential to beat the competitor with power, performance and battery life. With a highly affordable price tag, these cars are efficient and reliable for personal use.

Many automakers are now putting special focus on aerodynamics and a nice interior. BYD Atto 3 interior is a design masterpiece that has attracted many buyers. When we talk about other factors like fast charging support, many EV models lack this.
There are just a few reputed manufacturers that make Electric cars with this charging option. Renault, Tesla and well-known Chinese manufacturer BYD are some of the major brands that offer support for the 22kW AC charging option to fill juice in just minutes. The BYD meaning is “Build Your Dreams”, and it does in all ways.

BYD EV Interior
芯正, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

See more reviews here on google.

Alex Parkes


I recently purchased a charging cable from this seller and was very impressed with their customer service. However, I encountered an issue with the charger a few days after receiving it. I contacted customer support and they responded quickly and professionally. They asked for some information about the issue and within a day, they had identified the problem and offered a solution. They even went the extra mile to help me troubleshoot the issue and make sure that everything was working properly. The cable works great now and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Ghania K


EV PowerHouse were a pleasure to deal with when purchasing the charger. Their friendly customer service and professionalism is second to none.
The charger itself functions perfectly and looks great. It was delivered quickly.
I would highly recommend EV PowerHouse and have referred them to others already.
Thank you!

Bodhi Morgan


I was not sure which ev charger to choose for my Tesla model S, so called them for recommendation , honestly, they walked me through all the things before I making the purchase and narrowed down to pick solar compatible pulsar plus charger. The charger do meet my need.

David Robertson


Purchased the wrong charger for my home. Called them about the issue and they quickly resolved my issue. Nice customer service.👍

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