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Tesla Superchargers Locations in Australia

As of June 2024, according to data from the Tesla website, Australia hosts 88 Tesla Supercharger locations. These Superchargers provide power ranging from 72kW to 250kW (for newer versions), enabling a standard Tesla Model to gain up to 282 km of range in just 15 minutes. Initially, only Tesla vehicles could use these Superchargers, but recently, some locations have been opened to non-Tesla vehicles as well. Tesla has also signalled plans to open more Supercharger locations in the future.

Tesla supercharger in Australia

Supercharger Locations by States/Territories

Tesla’s Supercharger network spans across all Australian states and territories. New South Wales(NSW) have the highest number of locations, with 34 Superchargers. Victoria(VIC) follows this with 26 locations, Queensland (QLD) with 12 locations, Western Australia (WA) with 8 locations, South Australia (SA) with 5 locations, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) with 2 locations, and Tasmania (TAS) with 1 location.

Please Note: The above figures are as of 4 Jun 2024 and are subject to change in future. For more up-to-date data please refer to the Tesla website or Tesla app, or use the Plugshare Mobile app. 

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