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About Us

About EV PowerHouse

EV Powerhouse is a proudly Australian founded brand, established in 2021 and operated right in the heart of Sydney. The development of EV Powerhouse is fuelled by both a fixation on the evolution of mobility and an increasingly intense love of the environment. Our mission is to enable our clients the freedom to move in a convenient, Eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe manner.

EV Charging

Our Purpose

At EV Powerhouse we are in full support of electric run vehicles and are one of the largest specialised supplier chains in Australia for EV chargers. Our vast range of high end and quality products, including our portable, in-home, smart range, RFID and OCPP charging units, give clients the freedom, convenience, and accessibility to choose where and how they charge.

If you have any inquiries about our product range, please feel free to contact us through our CONTACT US page or via TELEPHONE as our EV Powerhouse experts pride themselves on assisting our clients meet their personal, business, and commercial needs.

About EV PowerHouse

Our clients are also welcome to come in and visit us in our Sydney showroom. Our Sydney based showroom is located in a fully renewable (solar) energy run business hub and provides a series of services to our clients including:

Conference rooms (clients can come in for a face-to-face chat with our team of experts about our products, large quantity orders, projects, and installation services).

Collection depot (clients can come in to pick up a pre-placed order).

Free of charge ECO-BINS (to recycle unwanted charging units in a safe, Eco-friendly, and sustainable manner).

We are climate positive brand

In an ever changing world in which climate change is an eminent topic, EV Powerhouse can proudly say that we are a climate positive brand. 

Not only are we located and operate out of a fully renewable (solar) energy run business hub and provide our clients with free of charge ECO-BINS, EV Powerhouse actively supports and donates to environmental charities and organisations including Joining forces with trace . not only allows us to keep track of our carbon emissions but also aids EV Powerhouse to become a carbon neutral organisation. Something in which we are determined to achieve!