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Save Time & Energy while you Charge with a Wallbox

Wallbox is a smart charging company on a mission to liberate the world from fossil fuels. In order to transition towards a world powered by renewable energy, transportation has to be electric. By developing state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging solutions for homes, businesses and cities, we evince more efficient, more sustainable ways of using and sharing energy conversion systems, ready to listen and face every challenge in every corner of the world.

Forging a sustainable future through Wallbox technology

Wallbox is a global firm focused on transforming the utilization of energy in the electric vehicle sector. They develop smart charging systems that blend cutting-edge technology with exceptional design and handle the connection between the charger, vehicle, building, and electrical grid.

Wallbox Eco-Smart

Enable solar EV charging with Eco-Smart

Eco-Smart is an inbuilt smart feature that allows you to charge your electric vehicle (EV) with green energy generated by your solar panels (PV) or wind turbines. To get started, just add a power metre to your installation.

There are two modes for better control. Charge using only solar energy or a combination of solar and grid electricity.

Every time you plug in, you’ll get a more sustainable, efficient charge!*

*A power metre is required.

Eco mode solar ev charging

Wallbox Power Boost

Improve your charger intelligence with dynamic load management

To minimise blackouts and unexpected energy expenditures, improve your charger intelligence with our dynamic load management solution. It will assess your home’s real energy use and automatically adjust the charge to your EV in accordance with the capacity of your local grid.

*A power metre is required.

dynamic home power sharing

Dynamic Power Sharing

Save money by optimising your home's power usage

Greener, smarter, and less expensive. With our dynamic power-sharing system, you may prioritise the power you require. You can now balance the energy demands of your EV with those of your home gadgets, making the most use of the available electricity from your grid connection.

*A power metre is required.

dynamic power sharing with smart ev charger
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