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Live it Electric

Lexus has a bold vision called ‘Lexus Electrified’, which involves introducing 10 new electrified vehicles by 2025. By 2030, Lexus aims to only offer Hybrid, PHEV and BEV luxury vehicles in Australia. The main mission behind this vision is to achieve carbon neutrality, which will involve reducing the environmental impact of material-manufacturing processes. In line with this, Lexus plans to eliminate paper from your desk and the environment by providing e-brochures for their fleet. By enriching the community with sustainable thought and partnering with ambassadors and collaborators, Lexus aims to help design the future.

By 2050, Lexus aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of its entire model line-up, from the manufacturing of materials, parts, and vehicles to vehicle logistics and the final disposal and recycling of older vehicles.

Lexus UX UX 200 F Sport

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Lexus Electrified offers a range of vehicles including Battery Electric, Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid models, catering to the diverse needs of modern drivers. Enjoy the electric driving experience your way with Lexus. In Australia, Lexus currently provides two options for pure Battery Electric vehicles – the UX, a compact SUV, and the RZ, a medium SUV.

Our Perfect Lexus EV Supply Equipments Includes


Our electrician partners offer EV charger installation for any Lexus EV model at a great price. Just choose the location, and we’ll handle the rest.

Meets AU Standards

Our EV charging stations and cables comply with Australian standards and have a quality guarantee. We prioritize safety.

Environment Friendly

Our Lexus’s EV charging stations, cables & Accessories are offset by their carbon footprint. This helps to fight climate change.


You can charge your Lexus electric car with confidence knowing that each EV charging station and cable comes with a warranty of up to 3 years.

Lexus EV Charging Made Easy

At EVPowerhouse, our charging stations have been certified to meet both Australian and international standards, and they are compatible with all Lexus models. As Australia’s most reliable EV charging provider, we strive to enhance your charging experience by utilizing the latest technology. Our goal is to make your charging process quicker and more convenient, which is why we offer a comprehensive Lexus charging solution for Residential, Commercial, and Public applications. This solution includes:
  • ➦ Future-proof installation for accessibility and scalability.
  • ➦ Control Lexus EV charging stations via mobile or desktop App.
  • ➦ Utilizing Solar energy to charge your Lexus electric vehicle.
  • ➦ Manage power efficiently with dynamic load balancing.
  • ➦ Seamless integration with your CMS using OPP protocols.

Frequently asked question

Owning a Lexus electric car, KIA EV6 or any other EV without a home charger is certainly possible, but it may not be the most economical choice in the long run. Despite the convenience of having access to a charger at a public point, most electric car owners need a home charger for optimal performance and timely charging. The public charging stations are typically located in parking lots or other public places, allowing you to plug in your car and charge it but sometimes after waiting for hours.

If you drive an electric Lexus or any EV, you’ll need to consider the cost of home charging before enjoying the benefits of electric motoring. The cost of charging an electric car at home depends on several factors, such as the type of charger you use and the cost of electricity per kWh in your area as per your local utility rates. For Queensland residents with electricity rates around 25.50c/kWh, the charging cost would be less than that of NSW, with a rate of around 28.66c/kWh.

When we look at the cost of an electric car, such as the Lexus Electric Car Australia, we can see the initial outlay is more expensive than a petrol-powered car. The Australian government has introduced a range of incentives and discounts to encourage people to switch to electric cars, but EV adoption is still in its infancy. The answer to the question depends on factors, including current and future gasoline prices, the cost of an electric car, the availability of parts and charging infrastructure, and the market trend. With every passing day, the answer is becoming increasingly clear.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding hybrid and electric cars like the fastest Lexus these days. The answer to the question depends on your driving habits, budget, and environmental concerns. Electric cars are powered exclusively by a battery with no tailpipe emissions and no trips to the gas station but are range-limited. On the other hand, a hybrid car is powered by gasoline and electricity, utilizing a combustion engine and an electric motor, allowing for longer range and faster acceleration than electric cars. Both have pros & cons, so the ultimate choice is yours.

Mainly three types: the first is the battery-electric vehicle (BEV) or all-electric. These vehicles rely solely on electric power and have no internal combustion engine. Examples of BEVs include the Tesla Model S, BMW i3, and Lexus all-electric. The second type is the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which combines a fuel-burning engine with an electric motor and battery to power the vehicle. Examples of HEVs include the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Prius. The third one is Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), a combination of electric motor, battery, and ICE but with an external charging port.

Lexus EV RZ premium
Chanokchon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Alex Parkes


I recently purchased a charging cable from this seller and was very impressed with their customer service. However, I encountered an issue with the charger a few days after receiving it. I contacted customer support and they responded quickly and professionally. They asked for some information about the issue and within a day, they had identified the problem and offered a solution. They even went the extra mile to help me troubleshoot the issue and make sure that everything was working properly. The cable works great now and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Ghania K


EV PowerHouse were a pleasure to deal with when purchasing the charger. Their friendly customer service and professionalism is second to none.
The charger itself functions perfectly and looks great. It was delivered quickly.
I would highly recommend EV PowerHouse and have referred them to others already.
Thank you!

Bodhi Morgan


I was not sure which ev charger to choose for my Tesla model S, so called them for recommendation , honestly, they walked me through all the things before I making the purchase and narrowed down to pick solar compatible pulsar plus charger. The charger do meet my need.

David Robertson


Purchased the wrong charger for my home. Called them about the issue and they quickly resolved my issue. Nice customer service.👍

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Our team of experts can provide specialist EV Supply Equipment advice and are available to answer any of your questions over the phone.

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