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Best Airbnb EV Charging Solutions

Attract a wider range of guests and boost your Airbnb bookings! Learn how to navigate the growing trend of electric vehicles and provide a convenient charging solution for your eco-friendly guests.

Charging EV at Airbnb property using wallbox charger

Challenges for Host and Guests

Our Airbnb EV Charging Solutions

By addressing these concerns proactively, Airbnb hosts can provide a valuable service to guests with EVs while managing the associated costs and risks effectively. Airbnb hosts looking to prevent guests from using their own Level 1 EV chargers can take several proactive steps. These measures help ensure safety, control costs, and manage property resources effectively:

Clear Communication
  • Specify Policies: Clearly state in the Airbnb listing that the use of personal EV chargers is not allowed. This sets expectations before a booking is made.
  • Explain Reasons: Include the reasons for this policy, such as safety concerns, electrical system capacity, and cost management.
  • Reminder at Check-In: When guests arrive, remind them of the policy regarding the use of personal EV chargers.
  • Provide Information Sheet: Leave a printed information sheet in a visible area that includes the house rules about EV charging, along with directions to the nearest public charging stations.
Clear Communication
Provide Alternatives
  • Offer Charging Solutions: If feasible, hosts could invest in providing an EV charging station at the property. This can be a selling point and allows the host to control electricity usage. Advertising that this amenity is at your premises will give guests access to convenience and the comfort of knowing that charging facilities are available, in turn allowing them to, in turn, prolong their stay.
  • List Nearby Charging Stations: Provide information about nearby public charging stations. This can be particularly helpful for guests and might mitigate any inconvenience caused by the restriction.
Provide Alternatives
Update House Rules
  • Include in the Rental Agreement: Ensure that the house rules, which guests must agree to before booking, include a clause about not using personal EV chargers.
  • Security Deposit: Consider implementing a security deposit to cover potential damages from unauthorized use of personal charging equipment.
Update House Rules
  • Check-In on Usage: For longer stays, hosts might want to check in (either in person or via communication) to ensure that guests are complying with the property’s policies.
  • Security Measures: Some hosts install smart energy monitors that can alert them to unusual electricity usage patterns indicative of EV charging.
  • Update Listing Details: Hosts should specify in their property listings what the arrangements are for EV charging, including whether guests are allowed to use their own chargers and which outlets, if any, can be used for this purpose.
  • Install Dedicated Outlets: To manage electricity usage and safety, hosts can consider installing dedicated outlets for EV charging, preferably outside or in a garage. These outlets can be equipped with a meter to monitor electricity usage specifically for charging.
  • Charge a Fee for EV Charging: Hosts might opt to charge an additional fee for EV charging to cover the higher utility costs. This can be a flat fee per night or based on actual electricity usage if a metered outlet is installed.
  • Provide Clear Instructions and Safety Guidelines: Ensuring guests are aware of how to safely use their chargers and what the rules are can help prevent safety issues. This could include instructions on not using extension cords or specifying which type of chargers are allowed.

Reasons to Consider Installing a Level 2 charger at you Airbnb

Having a Level 2 smart EV Charger installed at the property potentially diminishes the stated challenges and even works in favour of the Airbnb host.
  • Monitor electricity usage: Having a smart charger will give you the ability to monitor, track, and cover the electricity usage cost.
  • A new revenue stream and increased guest attraction rates: Install an EV charger and turn it into a revenue stream! List it as a public “Hot Spot” to attract locals and control who pays (guests vs. free for employees). This boosts bookings and generates extra income.
  • Booking Preferences: Some hosts might find that their listings become more popular with EV drivers if they offer charging options, which can be a unique selling point. Conversely, the lack of such a facility might deter some guests.
  • Safety Concerns: Installation and maintenance of dedicated Level 2 EV chargers are crucial to prevent hazards (such as electrical fires or tripping risks from cables and equipment).

Contact Our Airbnb EV Charging Experts

At EV Powerhouse we can provide complete and comprehensive EV Charging solutions for Airbnb management, get in touch with one of our friendly experts to explore the most suitable EV charging infrastructure solution for your Airbnb.

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