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Lotus Eletre Chargers & Cables Guides

EV Type: All Electric

Unveiled in 2022, the Lotus Eletre is a luxury electric hyper-SUV that combines sleek design with exhilarating performance. Offered in three trims, all featuring a 109 kWh usable battery, the Eletre delivers between 603 and 905 horsepower, with the range-topping R model achieving 0-60 mph in a neck-snapping 2.9 seconds. The Lotus Eletre is designed with convenience in mind. Every Eletre has a Type 2 connector for AC charging and CCS 2 for DC charging, ensuring all EV PowerHouse chargers and cables are fully compatible.

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Lotus Eletre Charging Specifications

Below are some important specifications for Lotus Eletre. These specs are crucial for choosing compatible and future proof EV chargers, cables & accessories.

109 kWh

Useable Battery capacity 1

600 KM

Driving Range 2

22 KW

Power Limit

type 2 ev ac charging port

Type 2

AC Charge port 3

22 kWh

Efficiency 4 (per 100KM)



DC Charge Port 3

Above figures are for base model

All specifications with 1, 2, and 4 are estimates [ As some manufacturers do not disclose official figures ].[1] The manufacturer has disclosed the useable battery figure that has been used above. [2] All information regarding the official driving range of the EV model stated has been sourced according to WLTP.[3] The charging port is based on up-to-date models available in Australia.[4] Information about the Energy Efficiency of the EV model stated has been sourced according to WLTP.

Shop Lotus Eletre Chargers,Cables and Accessories

Our extensive selection of EV chargers and cables is designed to be compatible with both single-phase and three-phase residential systems, including seamless integration with solar panels. Featured below are some of our top-selling products for the Lotus Eletre.

Lotus Eletre Charging Speed

The Lotus Eletre’s onboard charger can handle up to 22kW for AC charging. While a 7kW AC charger will only deliver its maximum output (7kW) to the car, a 22kW charger unlocks the Eletre’s full AC charging potential, providing a faster and more efficient 22kW charge.
The table below provides Lotus Eletre Chargers & Cables Guides AC charging time and rates for batteries from 0% to 100%.
Charging Point Max Power Power Time to Charge Rate
Wall Plug (2.3 KW) 230V / 1x10A 2.3KW47h23m12km/h
1-phase 16A (3.7 KW) 230V / 1x16A 3.7KW29h27m20km/h
1-phase 32A (7.4 KW) 230V /1x32A 7.4KW14h43m40km/h
3-phase 32A (22 KW) 400V / 3x32A 22KW4h57m121km/h

Note: EV battery size impacts charging time. Larger batteries take longer to charge due to higher capacity, but offer longer distances between charges, potentially shortening total charge time. Keeping the battery between 20% and 80% is advised for faster charging. Also, the (†) On-board charging limits as well as the charge point power limit greatly defines charging times. Low temperatures and fast chargers may slightly increase charging duration, but less relevant in mild climates.

Lotus Eletre Home Charging

  • Faster charging speeds: Home charging units are 3 to 5 times faster than the granny/trickle charge lead.
  • More convenient charging: You can quickly and conveniently charge your Lotus Eletre at home. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a public charging station or waiting in line to charge your EV.
  • Potential cost savings: Allows you to take advantage of lower, off-peak electricity rates, saving you money in the long run.
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Solar Charging for Lotus Eletre

  1. Utilising a cost-effective way to further reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Take advantage of the “Solar Only Mode” option which allows the Lotus Eletre only to utilise the solar energy generated through the rooftop solar panels.
  3. Acquiring peace of mind from the continuously increasing electrical energy prices.

Our Offering for your Lotus Eletre

EV charging solutions in Australia
electrician installing ev charger at home

Hassle Free Home Charger Installation for Lotus Eletre

How does it work?
  1. Complete the form with essential details about your home setup.
  2. Our EV charging experts will review your request promptly.
  3. Receive a link to upload site images and additional information.
  4. A licensed electrician will thoroughly assess the provided details and furnish a comprehensive quotation.
  5. Upon approval of the quotation, schedule an installation date.

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Brian HendersonBrian Henderson
05:16 25 Mar 24
The charger works fine and they even refunded $150 from the original quote. I tried EVSE but they were far more expensive. All in all I could not be happier with the service EV Power House provided.
Phil CPhil C
05:52 20 Mar 24
I would like to thank Mohamad from EV Powerhouse for their great helpful customer service in helping select the best charging system for my EV and for having excellent installers for their Adelaide installation!Matt and Josh from BFD Electrical were fantastic, very punctual and a very neat job, they cleaned up after themselves , leaving the site spotless , would sincerely recommend EV Powerhouse and their installers , a very pleasant experience from initial purchase and up to the installation process !!Great looking Teison Smart charger , totally recommend for ease of functionality at a great price point !!!Thanks again Mohamad (EV Powehouse) and BFD Electrical (Matt & Josh)
Pramin ChapagainPramin Chapagain
04:21 22 Feb 24
Outstanding serviceHighly recommend
Mil ShilkarMil Shilkar
02:31 15 Dec 23
Excellent after sales service. Will recommend to all EV users.
Norman CheungNorman Cheung
05:21 28 Nov 23
Excellent after sale service and technical support
R LovaszyR Lovaszy
01:41 27 Nov 23
Great service! Ordering was quick and easy. Received support after install for a minor issue, they provided quick and easy assistance to get up and running.
David GreenDavid Green
08:04 01 Nov 23
These guys are the real deal, great product range, with lots of options.Customer service is outstanding Mohammad is very customer focussed.Highly recommend!
eman kahlaeman kahla
01:39 27 Oct 23
Highly recommend EV powerhouse. The customer service is great. I purchased the smart mini wall box charger, very good and easy to use and super fast. I have referred all my friends to them, you will not be disappointed! Thank you

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