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Hotel EV Charging Solutions

The Australian government aims to eliminate petrol-powered cars by 2040. This development has significant implications for hotel and property managers, including small boutiques and independently-run BNBs. This initiative has driven hotel owners to make crucial decisions surrounding the accommodation of guests with electric vehicles.

Although the process of finding out the ins and outs of selecting and installing EV charging units may seem daunting at first, it is worth the effort. Hotel EV charging stations can provide a valuable service to guests, reaping numerous benefits that outweigh any initial challenges or uncertainties.

Hotel with EV charging stations

Benefits of installing an EV charging station at Hotel


Increase in guest attraction rates: Installing EV charging units on your premises will not only attract more guests and heighten the chance of them extending their stay, but also ensure that your hotel is future-proofed and appeals to a broader range of visitors, including locals who may require a charging spot while they dine, shop, or explore the nearby area.

Source of extra revenue: Installing one of our smart range EV charging units allows the owner to monitor the electricity usage for billing purposes and establish payment rates for each charging unit. Furthermore, the owner can customise the profiles of individuals who can use the charging units freely, such as employees, guests, and local visitors, as well as those who must pay to use them, thereby generating extra income.

Avoid electrical overloading & outages:  Installing EV charging units that have built-in load-balancing functionality, will ensure the power in the hotel electrical system remains balanced and in turn avoid power outages.

Marketing opportunity: Installing EV charging units with an OCPP platform which has a built-in location feature on your premises enables you to register your charging units on Google Maps and other Apps that publicise EV charging units and their location. If the EV charging units are purchased and installed by us, we will also post your hotel on our range of social media pages (What a great way to advertise!).

Meet sustainability goals: Installing EV Charging stations on your hotel premises enables you to market your hotel as an environmentally conscious brand. This also further assists in reaching your sustainability goals sooner rather than later.

Government rebates: Small tourism businesses, such as hotels, can now receive grants to help cover the costs of investing in EV charging units thanks to the implementation of financial incentives.

Choosing the right EV infrastructure for your Hotel

Whether you are looking to add a single EV charging unit or multiple to your hotel premises, it is imperative that the following aspects are taken into consideration.

➦1 Choosing the right type of charging unit for your hotel (type, phase, power)

AC destination charging units: AC destination charging units allow EVs to be charged for extended periods at a set rate of charge. Depending on the power output chosen (7kw/11kw/22kw) these charging units are highly efficient at charging EV vehicles in a reasonable amount of time (overnight within the 6-8 hour range).

This is an excellent choice for hotel owners as visitors and guests are more likely to stay overnight to charge rather than dine and dash. These units also offer flexibility regarding installation location and a power source.

DC destination charging units: Although DC destination charging units are on the higher end of the price range when compared to AC charging units, it is imperative to note that they are extremely versatile units. Its power can range from 60KW to 150KW.

DC destination charging units are not only highly customisable units, but they are also the best solution when fast charging is important. It can charge an average battery-powered EV fully in less than an hour’s time.

Electric vehicles charger commercial
FIMER DC Charging Station charging in action.
Residential charging stations
FIMER AC Charging Stations Charging in action.

➦2 Future proofing your infrastructure (Location & cable management)

Choose Installation Location Strategically: Hotel owners should carefully select the placement of charging units, considering immediate charging needs and potential future expansion for EV charging spaces.

Plan for Future Expansion: Map out spaces and install cables, power points, and cabling to allow for easy addition of charging units later on, minimising labour and costs.

Ensure Warranty and Standards: Look for charging units with a substantial warranty period and compliance with Australian standards.

At EV Powerhouse we offer EV charging units designed with these principles in mind, including OCPP units with product liability insurance and operator property insurance. These units provide asset security, intelligent power load identification, communication facilities for charging safety, temperature monitoring, early risk warnings, and accurate parameters in case of accidents.

➦3 Payment Set-up

Charging units which offer ‘unattended operation’ are imperative for visitors and guests for ease of access (eg. during the night when hotel reception staff have gone home, or BNB owners have retired for the night). EV powerhouse offers a series of charging units that are embedded with a multi-level accounting system which also has LAN and Cloud data transfer making unassisted paid operation possible and simple.

Electric vehicles charger app
wallbox public ev charging

➦4 Customer satisfaction and troubleshooting

Making sure that the charging units are installed gives your guests and visitors access to 24-hour customer service when things go wrong. EV Powerhouse offers a range of commercial AC & DC charging units equipped with ‘intelligent technology’ allowing the charging unit to automatically identify a huge range of error codes and repair them without the need for a technician present onsite.

EVPowerhouse is a team of specialists with expertise in installing EV Charging units across Australia. Our EV experts will assist you to get the perfect solutions for your Businesses, Workplaces, Hotels, Fleets, Apartments & Car-Parks.

To get started, fill out the form on the right side of the page & one of our experts will contact you with appropriate solutions.

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