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Positive Impact of Workplace EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, and employers realise the importance of providing charging infrastructure for their employees. Installing EV charging at work provides a cost-effective solution for EV owners, supports the company’s sustainability goals, and helps reduce transportation’s environmental impact.

DC fast charging stations are one of the most popular business EV charger options. These charging stations can charge an EV in a fraction of the time a Level 2 charger takes. This enables EV owners to charge their vehicles during the workday and return to the road with a full charge in no time.

Commercial EV charging stations are another option for workplace charging. These charging stations are intended for commercial use. They are an excellent solution for businesses with an electric car fleet or who want to provide charging to their employees and customers.

Many workplaces also provide charging programs to encourage employees to drive electric vehicles. Under these programmes, employees driving EVs may be eligible for discounted or even free charging. This not only helps employees afford the transition to EVs but also helps the company meet its sustainability goals.

Better for Business/Workplace Sustainability

Installing EV chargers for workplace is another long-term solution. As the demand for electric vehicles grows, workplace charging infrastructure will become increasingly important. Companies can ensure that they are prepared for the future and can meet the needs of their employees and customers by investing in commercial EV chargers now.

Installing EV charging at your workplace is a cost-effective, long-term, and future-proof solution for businesses. Businesses can promote the use of electric vehicles and support sustainability goals by providing charging infrastructure for employees and customers. Commercial EV chargers will become an increasingly important part of any workplace charging infrastructure as EV demand grows.

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Since these EV chargers are Level 2 chargers, it’s best to hire a licensed electrician for safety and compliance. Our electrician partners can simplify the process, ensuring proper setup and adherence to local codes.
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