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FIMER FLEXA AC Station - Stand Alone

FIMER FLEXA AC Station - Stand Alone

It has basic features that guarantee easy use at an affordable price. Its functionalities ensure the interaction with the electric vehicle, charging management, and ensuring safe operation. It is equipped with Modbus TCP/IP connectivity.

FIMER FLEXA AC Station is the AC charging station for powering electric vehicles ideal for public, semi-public, and residential applications: it is available in single-phase or three-phase setup and can be equipped with Type 2 sockets (in accordance with IEC 62196-2 standard).

Characterized by significant robustness and ease of use, this device allows the simultaneous recharging of two electric vehicles up to a maximum of 44kW (22kW each) in the T2-T2 configuration.

The FIMER FLEXA AC charger line can charge up to two electric vehicles in alternating current and meet most users’ charge requirements in both private and public settings.

FIMER FLEXA AC Station meets different needs: in fact, it represents the best solution to be installed in private parking, such as at home, in a condominium or in a company parking lot, or in public use parking lots, such as hotels, hospitals, gyms, restaurants, shopping centers and public parking lots. It is a reliable charging solution, with low installation and management costs and extreme ease of use and maintenance.

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The FIMER FLEXA AC Station is made of durable materials designed to withstand any weather condition and ensure an extremely simple user experience for the user and the maintainer. Indeed, the electronic control devices are accessible separately from the power parts, with many advantages in terms of safety and reliability.

  Made in Italy.

Up to two Type 2 sockets.

Stainless steel case.

Colour-coded Status LED for each socket.

  Plug & Charge operation mode.

  Charging sockets equipped with protection and safety systems.

Back-up power supply with super “Supercap” capacitors.

  External management system – MODBUS TCP/IP for local monitoring and backing up of data.

  Intelligent remote monitoring and control system with an app for the customer and a dashboard for the operator.





Security and safety systems: – It includes both differential and magnetothermic protection and MID meter – During the charging phases, it can lock the charging cord and release it only when charging is completed – During the charging phases, the station communicates with the vehicle in order to properly adjust the amount of current and verify the correct connection with the vehicle – The station is equipped with internal temperature sensors – The T2 sockets are provided with an anti-vandal system and a shutter; the T3A sockets are equipped with a protective door.

Fault verification system and backup : The station can verify the presence of any faults through internal diagnostics and can automatically reset the internal differential switches. In case of power failure, thanks to the presence of super capacitors, any charging session still in progress is closed.

Local indication: The status LEDs near each socket light up in different colors depending on the charging status. .

Power supply: The station features the internal Load Management system, dedicated to optimally distributing the power available between the two sockets.

Connectivity : Modbus TCP/IP.



Socket typeT2-T2T2-T3A
Charging methodMode 3Mode 3
Maximum power per socket 22kW22kW for T2 3.7kW for T3A
Power system3P + N + PE3P + N + PE
Rated voltage230/400V AC ± 10%230/400V AC ± 10%
Frequency50 Hz - 60 Hz50 Hz - 60 Hz
Rated current64A48A
Rated impulse withstand voltage (uimp)4kV4kV
Rated conditional short-circuit current of an assembly (Icc)"10kA10kA
Rated diversity factor (RDF))11
Degree of pollutionPD2PD2
EMC ClassificationClass B emissionsClass B emissions
Protective measures against electric shockClass IClass I
Connection to the mainsPermanently connectedPermanently connected
Grounding system typeTT or TN (both with PE)TT or TN (both with PE)
Indoor/outdoor installationOutdoorOutdoor
Fixed or removable installationFixedFixed
Overvoltage categoryIIIIII
IP protection ratingIP 54IP 54
IK protection ratingIK10IK10
Enclosure materialStainless steel AISI 304Stainless steel AISI 304
Dimensions1315 mm x 437 mm x 293 mm1315 mm x 437 mm x 293 mm
Operating temperature -25…. +50°C -25…. +50°C
Storage temperature-25…+70°C-25…+70°C
Humidity0…95% (non-condensing)0…95% (non-condensing)
AltitudeUp to 2000mUp to 2000m
Product intended for use byUnskilled personsUnskilled persons
Positioning in area withNon-restricted accessNon-restricted access
Magnetothermal protectionIncluded (2 x MCB 4P D40 10kA)Included(MCB 4P D40 10kA+ MCB 2P D20 10kA)
Differential protectionIncluded ((2 x RCD 4P Type A 40A 30mA & RCM 6mA DC )Included(RCD 4P Type A 40A 30mA & RCM 6mA DC+ RCD 2P Type A 25A 30mA & RCM 6mA DC)
Energy meterMID CertificateMID Certificate
Internal Load ManagerSupportedSupported
ConnectivityModbus TCP/IPModbus TCP/IP
Status LEDYesYes
CertificationCE, RCM (Australia Certification)CE, RCM (Australia Certification)