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Benefits of Installing Charging Stations for Hotels

The hospitality industry quickly realises the value of providing EV charging stations for their guests. Hotels that install EV charging stations provide a valuable service to electric car owners and position themselves as environmentally conscious and forward-thinking businesses.

Installing DC fast chargers is one-way hotels can provide EV charging. These chargers offer EV drivers a quick and efficient way to charge their vehicles in a short period. DC fast chargers are ideal for hotels with a high volume of EV traffic because they can charge an EV in under an hour.

Installing level 2 chargers is another option for hotels. These chargers are slower than DC fast charging stations, but they are still viable for charging an EV. They are usually hardwired or plugged into an electrical wall outlet, making them simple to install in various locations.

Hotels can join the growing charging network for electric vehicles by installing electric vehicle charging stations. Tesla EV owners, in particular, will value the ability to charge their vehicles while staying in a hotel, as they frequently find hotels with EV charging stations.

EV drivers looking for hotels with EV charging stations can use online directories and apps to find nearby locations. This is becoming increasingly important for electric car owners who travel. Offering EV charging stations can significantly benefit the hospitality industry. It not only helps the hotel attract more EV drivers but also helps the hotel market itself as environmentally conscious and modern.

Offering electrical car charging stations to hoteliers will attract more EV-driving customers, which is a growing trend in the electric vehicle market; it can also be used as a USP and a marketing tool; charging stations can be offered as an add-on service that guests can pay for; and it can help to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint.

Overall, getting EV chargers for hotels will be well-positioned to meet the needs of this growing customer base as the popularity of electric vehicles grows.

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Since these EV chargers are Level 2 chargers, it’s best to hire a licensed electrician for safety and compliance. Our electrician partners can simplify the process, ensuring proper setup and adherence to local codes.
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