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Tesla Model Y Home Charging Guide

tesla model Y charging at home

Charging your Tesla Model Y at home is easy and cost-effective. With our wide range of Smart Home EV charging stations, you can simply plug in overnight and wake up to a fully charged car, ready to hit the road. This guide delves into a comprehensive suite of home charging solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with your Tesla Model Y in the comfort of your home.

Different Types of Home Chargers for Tesla Model Y

There are 3 main types of electric car home chargers:

1. Dumb Chargers (Granny/Trickle Chargers): Slow, portable chargers, are not recommended for long charging sessions due to safety concerns. Click here for more on Granny Chargers.

2. Basic Plug and Play Chargers: Faster than Granny Chargers, but lack features like mobile apps and solar charging options.

3. Smart Home Chargers: The best option! They offer:

  • Mobile app control for monitoring, scheduling, and starting/stopping charging.
  • Solar power charging prioritization for a greener solution (on some models).
  • Faster charging speeds compared to other options.

Choosing the Right Smart Home Charger

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Australian Standards: Make sure the charger meets all relevant safety regulations.
  • Solar Compatibility: Choose a charger with “Solar Optimisation” if you have solar panels.
  • Features: Consider features like adjustable charging current, RFID card access, and cloud data tracking.

We Recommend These Smart Home Chargers (all compatible with Tesla Model Y):

Our recommended Smart Home Chargers feature the Type 2 connector, enabling AC charging at home for not only Tesla Model Ys but also any electric car equipped with a Type 2 connection.

Important Note: Universal Standard Since 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, all EVs sold in Australia must follow the Type 2(Mennekes) connector for AC charging & Combined charging system(CCS2) connector for DC charging. This means compatibility is likely for most Teslas sold after January 1st, 2020.

However, if your Tesla Model Y was delivered before January 1st, 2020, it’s recommended to double-check your charging connector type. You can usually find this information in your owner’s manual or by visually inspecting the charging port on your vehicle.

Seamless Installation at Home

EV charger installation by electrician

You have two options for home charger installation for your Model Y:

  1. Find your own electrician: Ensure they are licensed professionals.
  2. Use our service: Our network of licensed electricians across Australia will handle everything, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Click here to book a Tesla Model Y home charger installation.

Dedicated Mobile App

The user-friendly app for your Smart Home Charger lets you:

  • Monitor charging: See real-time data and insights.
  • Schedule charging: Set charging times to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and save money.
  • Remote control: Start or stop charging sessions from your smartphone, no matter where you are.
  • Advanced features: (on some models)
  • Adjust the charging current (between 6A and 32A).
  • Enhance security with RFID card access.
  • Track individual charging data through cloud storage.

MyTeison app control

Check out the MyTeison app from Teison here (for iOS | for Android) and the Wallbox app from Wallbox here (for iOS | for Android).

Plug In and Charge your Tesla

Once your Smart Home Charger is installed, you’re ready to go! Use the app to:

  • Remotely start/stop charging.
  • Schedule charging for off-peak hours and save money.
  • Track your energy consumption.
  • Prioritise charging with solar energy (on some models).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the charger myself?

No, for safety reasons, a licensed electrician must do any wiring tasks to the switchboard. We recommend using our professional installation service.

What if I have an existing outlet?

Most Smart Home Chargers are compatible with standard electrical outlets, making installation easy in any garage or parking space. Contact one of our friendly experts to find out more about installation services and procedures.

Does it work with other EVs?

The Teison Smart Mini PRO EV Charger is compatible with all battery electric vehicles(BEVs) as well as Plug-in electric vehicles(PHEVs), not just Teslas.

How much does the Model Y Charger installation cost?

Costs vary depending on the complexity but installation services typically range from A$800 to A$1,500. EV PowerHouse offers affordable installation services.

Do you still have questions? Contact our Tesla Model Y EV Charging Experts to find the right home charger.

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