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Granny EV Charger Explained: A Comprehensive Guide

granny ev charger

Electric vehicles have revolutionized the automotive industry, bringing with them a diverse range of charging options. One such option is the “Granny EV Charger,” also known as a “Slow trickle charger”, “Granny cable” or  “Dumb charger”. Throughout this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the granny charger, its functions, and considerations for electric car owners.

What is a Granny EV Charger?

A granny charger refers to a portable electric car charger used for slow charging via a domestic socket. When you purchase an electric vehicle, it usually comes along with it. It is equipped with a Type 2 Charging cable.  Unlike fast AC Home charging stations, the granny charger provides a convenient solution for EV owners to charge their vehicles at home using a standard 10 amp socket.

Charging Process and Speed

While the granny charger offers convenience, it’s essential to note that most EV manufacturers recommend it as a supplementary charging method rather than the sole means of charging. Charging your electric vehicle is a straightforward process. Begin by inserting the 3-pin charger into the standard 10-amp power outlet. Then, connect the charger to the EV charging port. Once connected, the charging process will initiate, providing an output power of 2.3 kilowatts (KW). Depending upon the manufacturer the output power varies. It will take around 21 hours time to reach 0% to 100% for standard EVs, it’s ideal for a backup option when faster charging isn’t available.

Charging speeds for various popular electric vehicles with granny’s charger are given below:

Electric Vehicle Charging Time(0%-100%)
Tesla Model 3 (Standard) 23h28m
Byd Atto 3 (Standard) 21h46m
Tesla Model Y (Performance) 32h10m
Polestar 2 (Standard) 26h31m
MG ZS EV 19h20m

Granny Charging vs Smart home charging

The “Granny EV Charger” and the “Smart Home EV Charger” are distinct solutions catering to the diverse needs of EV owners. While the Granny charger seems an easy and money-saving option it is very very slow in terms of time to charge an EV. It is not ideal for day-to-day charging.

On the other hand, the Smart Home EV Charger represents a more sophisticated solution with advanced features. Designed to integrate with smart home systems, it allows for remote monitoring, scheduling, and sometimes load management capabilities. This charger provides a seamless charging experience, offering enhanced control and efficiency. Users can optimize charging speed and power output based on preferences and requirements.

Smart Mini EV wallbox Home charging

With the Smart Home EV charger on average EV owners can charge 66% faster compared to the Slow Granny charger.

Is it worth using?

The granny EV charger serves as a practical solution for electric car owners, offering flexibility and convenience for home charging.  The granny EV charger is more suitable as a backup rather than a reliable primary means of home charging. For efficient and time-saving home charging, installing a Smart AC home charger is strongly recommended. Smart AC home chargers provide significantly faster charging speeds compared to trickle EV chargers, offering a more practical and convenient solution for everyday charging needs.

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