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Level 1 VS Level 2 charging units

Electric Car Chargers

Due to their slower rate of charge (in comparison to level 2 charging units), Level 1 charging units do not have the capacity to fully charge your EV overnight and are not recommended for everyday use, however, their portability makes them an excellent solution for frequent travellers who need to top up on the go, workers who need a quick top up while at work, and as a secondary charger. EV powerhouse stocks a range of high-end, portable charging units, check out our full range of portable charging units.

NOTE: If it is not possible to install a distinct charging point by a professional electrician in each of the locations, and a standard house plug is to be used, EV Powerhouse also has a range of TCL leads (10amp) which may interest you – these leads do not need any additional wiring or installation by an electrician.

Level 2 charging units, on the other hand, are predominantly hardwired units that need to be installed by a certified electrician. Depending on the kw power chosen at the time of purchase (7kw, 11kw, 22kw) they are capable of omitting a voltage of up to 240 volts, classing them as a long-term, fast, reliable, everyday solution for fully charging your EV in as little as 4 hours – overnight. There are many variations of Level 2 charging units to choose from, each with an array of features (solar powered, SMART, touch screen, etc.). EV powerhouse stocks a range of high-quality, Level 2 charging units, to check out our full range of Level 2 charging units.

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