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EV Charging Grants and Rebates 2024 in Australia

Australia latest EV charging rebates and grants

As the adoption of Electric Vehicles surges across Australia, both the Federal and State Governments are rolling out various grants and rebates to boost EV charging infrastructure. This post provides an in-depth look at the EV charging grants and rebates available in 2024 for each state and territory in Australia. Whether you are a business, local council, or individual, there are numerous opportunities to leverage these incentives to support the growing EV ecosystem.

New South Wales (NSW)

EV Destination Charging Grant

In NSW, the government is heavily investing in EV charging infrastructure through the Drive Electric NSW EV Destination Charging Grant. While there are currently no grants for residential use, businesses and councils in regional areas can benefit significantly.

Key Details:

  • Applications Open: Now
  • Grant Amounts: Up to 75% of costs covered.
  • Application Deadline: Friday, 2 August 2024, AEST 5 pm

Funding Overview:

  • Total Investment: $20 million
  • Current Round Funding: $10 million available
  • Eligibility: Regional NSW businesses and council, sites must be in eligible LGAs and listed on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)


  • Up to 75% funding for the cost of eligible 7kW and 22kW EV chargers, installation (capped at $3,000 per charging port), and the first year of software subscription.

With 215 successful sites and 501 charging ports being installed, NSW is building Australia’s largest destination charging network. This initiative not only supports the environment but also boosts local businesses by attracting EV drivers.

How to Apply:

  1. Understand the Offer: Review the grant guidelines to know what’s covered.
  2. Check Eligibility: Ensure your site meets the necessary criteria.
  3. Submit Application: Apply before the deadline (Applications close: Friday 2 August 2024, AEST 5 pm).

Useful Links:


NSW EV Charger Installation Guides


Destination Charging Across Victoria (DCAV) Program

Although applications for the DCAV program are currently closed, it has made a substantial impact on EV infrastructure in Victoria.

Program Achievements:

  • Grants Awarded: $5 million to 32 applicants
  • Installations Planned: 133 fast-charging stations across 116 locations

The DCAV program’s goal was to make EV fast-charging technology readily available, ensuring even coverage across Victoria, supporting local jobs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The expanded infrastructure provides EV drivers confidence in the availability of charging options, particularly in high-use and tourist areas.

Useful Link:


VIC EV Charger Installation Guides


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Scheme

Queensland’s EV Charging Infrastructure Scheme aims to improve the commercial viability of EV charging stations, focusing on public fast chargers.

Program Highlights:

  • Funding Committed: $10 million
  • Co-Funding Amount: Up to $3 million per project, with a maximum cap of 50% of the total project value


  • Open to entities aligned with the eligibility and merit criteria specified in the guidelines.

The scheme’s second stage closed on 6 February 2023, with successful applicants set to enhance Queensland’s charging network significantly.

Useful Link:


QLD EV Charger Installation Guides

Western Australia (WA)

Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants

WA’s Charge Up Workplace Grants are designed to support small and medium businesses, local governments, and not-for-profits in installing EV chargers.

Key Details:

  • Round 2 Open: 4 November 2023 to 30 June 2024
  • Total Funding: $12.5 million
  • Grant Coverage: Up to 50% of costs for hardware, software, and installation


  • Small and medium enterprises, not-for-profits, and local government authorities.

This round includes both AC and DC chargers, ensuring a broad range of options to suit different needs and accelerate the adoption of EV infrastructure.

Useful Link:


WA EV Charger Installation Guides

South Australia(SA)

Statewide EV Charging Network

South Australia is investing $12.35 million in a statewide EV charging network, managed by the Royal Automobile Association (RAA).

Network Features:

  • Total Chargers: Over 530 chargers across 140 stations
  • Locations: Supermarkets, car parks, town centers, council sites, hotels, and motels

This network aims to alleviate range anxiety and encourage regional travel, with completion expected by early 2024.

Smart Charging Trials

The South Australian government is also investing $3.2 million in smart charging trials, focusing on integration with renewable energy and optimizing charging during low grid demand periods.

Useful Link:


Northern Territory (NT)

EV Charger Grants Scheme

NT offers grants for both residential and business EV charger installations.

Grant Details:

  • Residential: Up to $1,000
  • Business: Up to $2,500
  • Application: First-come, first-served basis

This initiative aims to boost the adoption of EVs by making charging infrastructure more accessible to individuals and businesses alike.

Useful Link:


NT EV Charger Installation Guides

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Sustainable Household Scheme

The ACT’s Sustainable Household Scheme offers zero-interest loans for various sustainable upgrades, including EV charging infrastructure.

Loan Details:

  • Amounts: $2,000 to $15,000
  • Eligibility: Homeowners and tenants in the ACT, with a valid driver’s license

The scheme supports a range of energy-efficient upgrades, promoting a holistic approach to sustainability at the household level.

Useful Link:


ACT EV Charger Installation guides


Charge-Smart Grants

Tasmania’s Charge-Smart program provides grants for installing EV charging stations, particularly in regional and tourist areas.

Program Funding:

  • 2021 Round: Supported 14 fast chargers and 23 destination and workplace chargers

These grants help bridge the gap in charging infrastructure, ensuring EV drivers have access to reliable charging options across the state.

Useful Link: https://recfit.tas.gov.au/chargesmart_grants

As Australia pushes towards a sustainable future, these grants and rebates play a crucial role in expanding the EV charging network. Whether you’re a business owner in NSW, a resident in NT, or part of an organisation in WA, there’s a grant opportunity to help you contribute to the green revolution. Stay informed about application deadlines and eligibility criteria to make the most of these initiatives.

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