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The difference between Tethered & Untethered (socket-based) charging units


Tethered Charging Unit: As the name suggests a tethered charger has the charging unit itself as well as the 5m cable bound together as one unit (EV powerhouse does not supply tethered units with cabling less than 5m as we believe in providing our clients with ease of access and practicality no matter which way they park the EV). It is imperative to note that the majority of tethered charging units supplied by EV Powerhouse are Level 2 charging units (although we do also supply Level 3) making them the ideal charging unit for home use.

The downside to purchasing a tethered unit is that the user is responsible for winding the cable back up and stowing it away neatly as to avoid the risk of driving over it and potentially damaging it. On this note, however, EV Powerhouse has you covered as we supply a range of cable holders and reels to make cable storage that little bit easier. To check out our range of cable storage solutions and accessories.

Another downside is that if the tethered charging unit is to be used in conjunction with an older make of EV that requires a Type 1 cable, an adapter will need to be purchased in order for the Type 1 cable to be able to connect to the Type 2 cable bound to the charging unit.

Untethered (socket-based) Charging Unit:

Known as the ‘universal’ charging unit, an untethered (socket-based) charging unit is primarily a Type 2 charging unit with the ability to accommodate a range of exchangeable EV cables (Type 1 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 2). This charging unit is particularly excellent in households that house both type 1 and type 2 EVs as it can cater to both types, ridding you of the expense of purchasing multiple charging units to accommodate each EV. Often the cable that you will plug into the untethered charging unit is provided with your EV, however not all EV manufacturers supply these at the time of sale and it will need to be purchased separately. For ease of access and practicality EV Powerhouse goes one step further by shelving varying cable lengths (5m, 7m and 10m) to choose from when purchasing an untethered charging unit. Cables 5 meters or greater in length are highly recommended to charge the vehicle, no matter how it is parked. Follow the following link to view our cable product range.

Another benefit of having an untethered (socket-based) charging unit is that as there are no cables on display in turn the charger itself is more aesthetically pleasing as it not only takes up less space but there are no dangling cables to worry about. On this note, however, a minor inconvenience with these units is that it is the user’s responsibility to plug in/ unplug the cables and store them accordingly at each charging session. To check out our range of cable storage solutions and accessories.


EV Powerhouse Australia: Here for You

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There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the topic of electric vehicle chargers and charging speed, and there’s only so much we can cover in one article. Still, we’re always available to answer your questions and guide your electric vehicle charger shopping choices.

Are you ready to work with the electric vehicle charger retailer for you? All you need to do is reach out to the fantastic team at EV Powerhouse, and all your EV charger worries will be a thing of the past.

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