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Common BYD Atto 3 Problems and Issues

BYD ATTO 3 Standard Home Charger

Owning an electric vehicle like the BYD Atto 3 promises a green and efficient ride, but like any other electric car, it isn’t immune to occasional hiccups. In this post, we’ll explore some of the common BYD atto3 problems and issues reported by Atto 3 owners and offer insights into potential solutions.

Radio and electrical system malfunction

  • The radio turns on itself after parking the car, even when everything else is turned off.
  • The frequency of occurrence has increased over time.
  • Suspected connection to the 12V battery issue, which drains quickly if the traction battery charge is low.

Severe fogging issue

  • Locking the car normally causes windows to fog up.
  • Fogging can be prevented by performing a specific lock/unlock sequence multiple times an hour.
  • Believed to be an HVAC configuration issue.

Windshield fogging issue

  • Extreme fogging is observed in specific conditions.
  • Inability to run the air conditioning on recirculation mode and heat on maximum to manage moisture absorption.

Power failure issue

  • The car suddenly became unresponsive without any warning or indication of a problem.
  • Discovered the starter battery had a very low voltage reading.
  • Recharged the battery successfully and installed a Bluetooth battery monitor.
  • Highlighted deficiencies in customer care and support, including limitations on battery replacement.

Sunshade issue

  • The sunshade is stuck in the fully open position and unable to close.
  • Attempts to resolve through menu options and initialization methods have been unsuccessful.

SIM card issue

  • No data activation despite waiting for the specified period.
  • The original DiLink screenshot lacked an ICCID number, indicating a problem with the SIM card or reader.
  • Frustration with customer care’s failure to identify the issue initially.

Apple CarPlay issue

  • Apple Map lacks turn-by-turn voice activation.
  • Attempts to resolve this by adjusting Bluetooth and iPhone volume have been unsuccessful.
  • Suspected a software bug causing the lack of sound.

12V battery issue

  • 12V battery frequently becomes completely discharged, rendering the car inoperable.
  • Temporary revival is achieved through trickle charging, but the battery quickly drains again.
  • Seeking information about the discharge-recharge cycle in EVs and when the 12V battery is topped up from the main battery.

Rubber Tree mats issue

  • Unsatisfactory customer service experience with Rubber Tree regarding feedback on their mats for Atto 3.
  • Requested a full refund due to the length and misleading photos of the mats.
  • Suggests considering Evgogo mats as a better alternative.

Rust issue  & explanation from the dealership

BYD atto 3 rust problem

  • Upon removal of parts of the damaged Atto 3,  there was a gremlin of rust.
  • The dealership explains that the rust issue was found in a car sold at auction as a statutory write-off after a severe accident.

Charging issue and lack of quick response from BYD

  • Error message “Check OBC System” prevents charging attempts.
  • The car has been sent back to BYD for investigation; it took a long time to respond.


While the BYD Atto 3 has emerged as a top-selling electric vehicle in Australia, it has not been without its share of common problems and issues reported by owners. To enhance the overall ownership experience, prospective buyers are advised to stay informed about these issues and take a proactive approach by seeking resolutions through BYD’s comprehensive support services. This diligence is essential for ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. Consequently, the question arises: Is the BYD Atto 3 truly worth the investment?


If you own a BYD Atto 3 and are experiencing any new issues or problems, please report them to us & we will report back here. Fill out the information in the form and submit the report. This will help both current owners and potential buyers stay up-to-date.

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