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Plug Types

EV charging cable type 1 to type 2

Australian standards & Plug types

Whether you are charging from the comfort of home or in a public space, for charging to take place the plug on both ends of the charging cable must align correctly, with both the charging unit outlet and the EV charging port. Although there is an array of plug types circulating in the EV world, currently in use within Australia four plug types exist:

Type 1:  A Type 1 plug is a single-phase plug compatible with AC charging units. It can charge at a maximum rate of 7.4kw and is compatible with the older makes of electric vehicles (EVs built prior to 2018).

Type 2: A Type 2 plug is a 3-phase plug compatible with AC charging units (). It can charge at a maximum rate of 43kw and is compatible with electric vehicles built after 2018. Currently, Type 2 plugs serve as the Australian Standard.

CCS: CCS plugs are an advanced version of the standard Type 2 plug (houses 2 additional power contacts) and are compatible with both AC and DC charging units. It can charge at a maximum rate of 350kw.

CHAdeMO: CHAdeMO plugs are predominantly compatible with DC charging units. It can charge at a maximum rate of 100kw, and allows for bi-directional charging.

plugs types

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