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Different types of EV Charging Units

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular as the world shifts towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. However, as the demand for EVs grows, so does the need for a dependable and efficient charging infrastructure. This is where various levels of EV charging come into play. Currently, three levels of EV charging are available, namely Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charging units, each with benefits and drawbacks.

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Level 1 Charging Units

Level 1 charging units are the most fundamental and portable charging solutions today. They have a capped charge rate of 120 volts and come in models ranging from 15amp to 32amp. They are called mobile charging units because they allow customers to charge their EVs anywhere there is a standard household plug socket.

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Although they are typically used as portable charging units, it is recommended that a separate charging point be installed by a professional electrician in each location where they will be used to meet the electrical supply required for optimal use (and cater for the amp model chosen). Suppose a professional electrician cannot install a separate charging point in each location, and a standard house plug will be used. In that case, TCL leads (10amp) do not require additional wiring or installation by an electrician.

Level 1 charging units cannot fully charge your EV overnight and are not recommended for everyday use due to their slower rate (compared to Level 2 and Level 3 charging units). On the other hand, their portability makes them an excellent solution for frequent travellers who need to top up on the go, workers who need a quick top-up while at work, and as a secondary charger.

Level 2 Charging Units

Level 2 charging units are the most popular and dependable charging options for EV owners. They are primarily hardwired units that a licenced electrician must install. They are capable of omitting a voltage of up to 240 volts depending on the kW power chosen at the time of purchase (7kW, 11kW, 22kW) and classifying them as a long-term, fast, reliable, everyday solution for fully charging your EV in as little as 4 hours to overnight.

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There are numerous Level 2 charging units with smart features such as solar power, wifi/Bluetooth/4G connectivity, touch screen, etc. EV Powerhouse carries a selection of high-quality Level 2 charging units that strike the ideal balance of affordability, functionality, and efficiency. With Level 2 Home charging units, you can set your EV at home or work. This makes it an ideal solution for most EV owners. There is a guide on installing EV charging stations at home where you can find detailed information.

Level 3 Charging Units

Level 3 charging units are the most potent and fastest charging options for EV owners. These are also called DC fast chargers/Rapid charging stations. Rapid charging stations (at service stations, public locations etc.) can charge most EVs to 80% in less than 30 minutes. However, these charging stations are expensive to use, and prolonged use harms your EV battery’s longevity.

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EV Powerhouse does not recommend rapid charging units as a simple charging solution. Instead, these charging units allow EV drivers to charge their batteries quickly. Level 3 charging units are best when you’re on a long journey and require a fast charge before continuing.


Finally, the correct type of EV charging unit is determined by several factors. These include the level of convenience desired, the amount of time available for charging, and the charging location. Level 1 charging units are ideal for those who require a portable solution for charging their EV on the go or as a backup charger. In contrast, Level 2 charging units provide a long-term, fast, and dependable everyday solution for fully charging your EV. On the other hand, we do not recommend using Level 3 rapid charging units for daily use due to their limited availability and potential impact on your EV battery’s longevity. At EV Powerhouse, we provide a variety of high-quality smart charging units to meet all your EV charging needs. So be sure to browse our full selection and select the best option.

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