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Benefits of using an EV home charging unit

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It is without a doubt that EV Powerhouse endorses the use of home charging units as safe and reliable to use and as a permanent and primary method of charging your EV. However, with the increasing availability of public Level 3, DC Fast chargers and Ultra-fast chargers readily found at petrol stations, shopping centres and other public venues, as well as the TLC lead that is issued with the car at the time of purchase, EV owners question whether splurging on their own personal home charging unit is worth the investment, and the simple answer is yes, it most certainly is.

This is because firstly, the TCL (Trickle Charge Lead) primarily supplied with the vehicle at the time of sale, is mainly used in PHEV Hybrid (Electric/Petrol) run vehicles and is not designed nor are they capable of fully charging the battery overnight. Regarding the use of public DC Fast chargers and Ultra-fast chargers, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

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Battery care: EV Powerhouse does not recommend DC Fast chargers and Ultra-fast chargers as a primary method of charging your EV as research has shown that the use of these chargers in the long run negatively impacts the longevity and durability of the EV battery.

Cost: The costs associated with using these chargers (based on time or kw usage) although usually reasonable for a one-time charge, will eventually over time add up and prove to be quite expensive.

Convenience: An at-home, personal use EV charging unit is no doubt the most convenient way to charge an EV. It gives clients the freedom to choose when they charge and how long they charge, all in the comfort of their own homes.

EV Powerhouse: Helping you get the most out of your electric vehicle & for a home charging unit

Identifying and calculating your EVs impact on the grid can be challenging and borderline impossible at times; additionally, load balancing and dynamic load balancing might seem like a foreign concept to you, but that should not be a reason for you not to try to know as much as possible – the longevity of your EV is worth the efforts.

There are a lot of electric vehicle charger retailers operating in Australia; some have virtual stores, some operate physical stores, and a lot of others run hybrid operations. But none of these services will go above and beyond for you the way our service will, and that’s a promise.

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