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Electric vehicles charger in operation

The fact that you’re here today means that you own an electric vehicle or looking for a perfect EV charger.  You’re seriously considering owning an electric car, or at the very least, you’re an electric vehicle enthusiast. The experience of owning an electric vehicle can be exciting and all, but it’s essential to care about your electric car to the extent that you become “one” with it.

Failure to become one with your EV might mean that you do not go above and beyond during the process of caring for it. Today, you’re going to learn a few tips on how to elevate your entire electric vehicle ownership experience.

EV Powerhouse has seasoned professionals across a wide range of sectors in the automotive engineering industry. And we feel the type of people we have on our team can help us give you all the information you might need to take fantastic care of your EV and your perfect EV charger.

The relationship between your electric vehicle charger and you should be an excellent one, and it should be built on trust and care. It might seem trivial to you, but there’s no understating how important it is to get the right electric vehicle charger provider for you.
With that being said, this article is going to be an insightful one; we’ll look into how to choose the correct electric vehicle charger and how to make the most of it.

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In most countries around the world, every electric vehicle utilizes the same charging plug, with the exception of Tesla models that have their personalized charger plugs due to Tesla’s internal policies. The plug that works for the vast majority of cars is the SAE J1772, and it enables you to power your EV at home with a Level 2 charging station.
The first thing to keep in mind during the decision-making process is compatibility; ensure that whatever plugs you are considering are compatible with your electric vehicle.

  • Speed Matters

    Most of all, Level 2 electric vehicle chargers use at least a 240V voltage but charging speed may still differ based on your particular charger’s electrical current or amperage. More often than not, your driving style, EV range, and other lifestyle factors may determine how important speed will be to you when considering EV chargers.
    EV Powerhouse recommends a charging station of around 32 amps for most vehicles; this is a benchmark that is pretty close to fast chargers, you may need more or less speed, but for now, 32 amps is the magic amperage for most of the population.

  • Cost

    As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The same way electric vehicle prices vary dramatically is the same way electric vehicle charger prices also vary significantly. You can find electric vehicle chargers at different price points, and although the price isn’t all that matters, it’s a decent determinant of what to expect.
    If you find an EV charger that’s priced at about 30% of the price of average electric vehicle chargers, odds are it’s going to be of poor quality or, worse, fake. EV Powerhouse only has chargers from reputable brands, and we trust every EV charger you buy from us.

    Road costs for the fiscal year 2022/23 are as follows: 2.610 cents per kilometre for battery EVs or hydrogen fuel cell EVs. 2.088 cents/km for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. (source: NSW government).

  • Location

    Location is another thing to consider when choosing your electric vehicle charging station. A general rule of thumb is to install your home charging station close to your electrical panel. You or your electrician may need to run a conduit to the panel where your EV will charge during installation.
    Please consider investing in a weatherproof charger having good degrees of protection. If your home has a garage (parking lots), installing your electrical vehicle charging station close to your garage door may allow you to charge multiple vehicles. Location is key in the world of electric vehicle chargers, don’t get it wrong, please.

Home charging units


Now that you’ve hopefully chosen the right electric charging system for you and successfully installed it. What you need to do next is to take all the actions necessary to ensure that your perfect EV charger spends as much time as possible serving your needs. Over the next few minutes, we’ll look into how your EV experience can be significantly improved through the help we provide here at EV Powerhouse. Our tips will focus on safety, reliability, and a few more exciting tips curated just for you.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Whenever you think about investing in anything, one of your first thoughts should be, how safe will this item be for me? The same goes for electric vehicle chargers, and safety should be your primary priority, not voltage, not amperage, not even strength; safety should always come first every single time.
    You can shop safely and happily with EV Powerhouse. All the chargers we offer have been tested and certified by relevant testing agencies with jurisdiction over Australia. All our electric vehicles are safe for use in homes across our country.

  • Flexible or Rigid

    Another thing to consider when on the market for an electric vehicle charger is your lifestyle. Everyone needs to ask and answer this question, how nomadic am I?
    If you have a career or commitments that require you to be on the move often, then you may want to consider going for a portable charging station rather than a permanently-mounted and hard-wired unit. The choice between a flexible and rigid EV system is one that evolves around lifestyle. Do you need a more permanent system or one that can be packed up and put in a car within minutes?

  • EV Smart Charger Accessories

    Electric vehicles are technological masterpieces, so it’s only fitting that EV accessories are also high-tech. Nowadays, a considerable amount of electric vehicle chargers are “smart”, and they can be connected to an app via WiFi or Bluetooth to help manage your EV charger’s daily operations.
    EV chargers can also help you track and present relevant data on usage and performance if that’s important to you. EV Powerhouse can help you with electric vehicle chargers that show you how much you spend on charging, how many miles you get from each charging session and the charging speed of an EV charger.

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You may be among the exciting class of people who own vehicles that combine electric cars and conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. PHEVs give you the opportunity to diversify your perfect EV charger options, and with more options come more responsibilities.
Not only do you need to figure out how to manage your EV charging, but you also need to conquer petrol or diesel fueling, and in some cases, you may need to come to terms with how regenerative braking works. Here are a few ways to get a better EV charger experience through multiple charging options.

  • Aesthetics

    The appearance and size of electric vehicle chargers might not be a priority for most of us. But that doesn’t mean that you should overlook how your EV charger looks and feels. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. So if you want a slick and futuristic-looking EV charging system, then you should go for one.
    Whatever design you favour is not a problem. You should be okay as long as you do not prioritize appearance over functionality.

  • EV Charging Cable Management

    Nobody wants to have to deal with a plethora of cables when we want to charge. Now that cordless EV chargers are becoming a reality, cable management may soon be a thing of the past.
    EV Powerhouse can help you access perfect EV charger models that include a hook or holster to help hold and manage the connector and or the cable. The last thing you want is for your electric vehicle charger to become a tripping hazard; when you do not have to worry about managing a kilometre of cable, you can enjoy your EV experience more.

  • EV Charging for Tw0

    It’s not unusual to find households with multiple electric vehicles, and in 2022 more people will welcome dual charging EV charging stations into their homes. Suppose you have more than one electric vehicle to charge. In that case, you have two options, either you install two different electric vehicle charging stations on a single circuit and then link them, or you invest in a dual charging EV station.
    Whatever your choice is, we’re sure that EV Powerhouse will be here to assist you if you reach out to us for our services.

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EV Powerhouse is here to help clear any doubts you may have about the EV range or range anxiety. When you consider petrol-powered vehicles, most drivers drive until they’re critically low on petrol or diesel before refuelling. Reason: we’re sure that the next petrol station will not be too far from where they are.

When should I charge my electric vehicles?

Most electric car owners do not charge their electric cars or electric vehicles until they get critically low. Most of us recharge our EVs a couple of times weekly. That being said, charge time isn’t a priority for a considerable amount of us. Because when we plug in at night, there should be no problem as long as we wake up to a reasonably charged vehicle.

Where to charge an electric car?

Some of us living in and around major urban centres may top up our EVs at a public charging station/charging network during the day. But the vast majority of charging is done at home. When we consider how vital home charging is. It only makes sense to make moves to ensure that you never have to stress about charging your EV at home.

Most electric vehicles come with a standard portable charger. The problem is that these chargers may not fit your lifestyle as you may need to charge faster. When that’s the case, all you need to do is reach out to your amazing mates at EV Powerhouse. And we’ll try our possible best to solve all your perfect EV charger issues in no time.

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