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TESLA & TESLA Charger- Everything You Need To Know

Electric vehicles charger for tesla model 3

Over the last decade, few car manufacturing companies have gained the level of critical acclaim that Tesla has been able to garner over a short period of time. Now, Tesla is one of the most valuable companies in the world, and the Tesla brand has become the most recognizable brand in the world of electric vehicles.

Over the course of this piece, EV Powerhouse hopes to enlighten current and future Tesla owners about things that they should know regarding their prized automobiles. EV Powerhouse aims to constructively answer frequently asked questions in a fun and insightful manner.
Tesla is a relatively young company when compared with other juggernauts in the automotive manufacturing industry; but when compared with electric vehicle owner manufacturers, Tesla is one of the oldest and most seasoned among the competition.

Most people do not realize this, but Tesla was not founded by Elon Musk. Tesla Motors was founded by two engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003 in the city of San Carlos in California, USA. Nikola Tesla was a 19th Century inventor that was one of the brightest minds to ever grace our world, and some of his work led to the discovery of rotating electromagnetic fields, alternating current (AC), and much more. It’s only fitting that a company that’s redefining the way we power vehicles on a commercial scale is named after one of the greatest “power” minds in history. Tesla Motors morphed into Tesla Inc in 2017, and it’s all been uphill from there.

Insight into Tesla

tesla giga factory

Making the most of the Tesla Mobile App
Tesla has a mobile app that contributes positively to the Tesla experience for owners, and it’s available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android users. New Tesla owners can now learn how to use the app through instructional videos created and shared on YouTube by Tesla Inc. The Tesla app is a remarkable way to get first-hand insight into what it takes to properly maintain a Tesla in Australia and worldwide.

Also, the app is capable of showing the charging stats on the main menu. It will show the previous 31 days of tesla charging whether it was charged using a home EV charger, at Tesla supercharger/tesla destination chargers or at any other third-party charging network. There are several third-party charging networks available in  Australia (NRMA charging stations, Chargepoint charging stations, Chargefox charging stations).

What is Autopilot?

If you invest in a Tesla today, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a premium and advanced auto driver with assistance capabilities that look like they’re from a Sci-fi movie. Tesla’s autopilot feature gives you access to enhanced safety and optimum convenience for the amazing driving experience you deserve, and it’s no wonder why the autopilot is one of the most captivating Tesla features.
When on autopilot, your trusty Tesla can undertake emergency braking, side collision warning, as well as front collision warning to ensure that you’re always safe and secure even when you’re getting help.

How do I operate Tesla Autopilot?

Although Tesla’s autopilot feature is astounding, it wouldn’t mean much if you as a user are unable to utilize it, that’s why if your Tesla is equipped with enhanced autopilot it can be set to match your Tesla’s speed-to-traffic conditions, change lanes, maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in from of you, help you maintain your lane, and much more.
You can engage traffic-aware cruise control in your Model X or Model S by setting your cruising speed by moving the control lever down or up when driving below the speed limit. To launch the autosteer, pull back the cruise control lever twice in quick succession.

When and how do I get software updates?

Another amazing thing about Tesla vehicles is that you never have to worry about how to get a new software update because all vehicles automatically receive software updates when they’re available. You can decide to install updates immediately or at a later date via your touchscreen when they become available.
However, it’s worth keeping in mind that installing a new update can take up to two hours or more, depending on the quality of your internet connection and the size of the update.

How do I turn my Tesla off?

It feels strange to talk about a question that’s as basic as, how do I switch off my vehicle because when you’re a new Tesla user, you have to learn a considerable amount of new things and new ways of solving old problems.
There are two primary ways of switching your Tesla off; you can access E-brake & Power Off on your touchscreen through the controls feature, then choose Power Off. Alternatively, turn your Tesla off by putting it in the park, exiting your vehicle, then closing the door.

How to charge tesla at home?

tesla superchargers

An important aspect of operating and maintaining an electric vehicle is the ability to charge your vehicle at home, usually overnight. It’s safe to say that until you get a home electric charging unit, it’ll be tricky for you to get the most out of your EV, including your Tesla.
First and foremost, if you want to charge Tesla at home, it’ll be in your best interest to install a home charging point or wall connector close to where you park your car. Alternatively, the tesla mobile connector helps to charge your car from different outlets(medium to low speeds). But for your convenience install a home charging unit or wall connector at home and leave a tesla mobile charger in the trunk while travelling.

There are two major components to EV chargers, the onboard charger manages internal power flow to ensure the safe charging of your EV battery. We also have the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment that delivers power from your grid or other external power sources to your Tesla’s onboard charger.
You may decide to use

  • Level 1 EV charger that utilizes a standard 120V electric outlet, the type that is in most other home appliances. Level 1 charging isn’t ideal or efficient, but it’s an option that’s worth considering.
  • Level 2 electric vehicle chargers make use of 240V electrical circuits. It is also a supercharger. You can expect between 14.2kms-82kms out of your Tesla per hour charging, and it’s the standard for most public charging stations.


EV users in Australia can thank their lucky stars because we’ve never had as many electric vehicle charger options as we do now, and it doesn’t matter what your needs are, you’re almost certain to find the electric vehicle charger for you.
It doesn’t matter if this is your first time on the market for a new Tesla charger, or if you’ve purchased Tesla chargers in the past, as long as you live in Australia, EV Powerhouse is the EV charger retailer for you. EV Powerhouse is poised to reinvent the way Australians access and purchase electric vehicle chargers and  Tesla vehicle owners aren’t left out.
For the widest range of quality and technologically advanced electric vehicle chargers, you do not need to look any further than the premium electric vehicle charger retailer for you, EV Powerhouse.

At Home
Tesla recommends investing in a wall connector as it is the most dynamic home charging solution with a myriad of options for you, so it makes sense to invest in a 240V Level 2 home Tesla charger.

At Work
EV Powerhouse can also help you diversify your charging options with a beautifully crafted electric vehicle charger for your business. Stay charged up whenever you commute with your Tesla
Now you can access more public charging stations than ever before thanks to the beauty of Tesla’s public charging Network.


Are Tesla destination chargers different from standard EV chargers?

tesla destination chargers

It’s paramount that you’re aware of which plug your electric vehicle accepts, and read anything about electric cars in the last decade or so, you’ve probably heard of the Type 2 connector. It is the most common plug type in EVs and is the standard throughout Australia. Most electric cars in Australia are fitted with a Type 2 port and it is all but the standard here.
The CCS Combo (Combined Charging Standard Combo), serves as the universal EV charger plug for Direct Current Fast Charging0. This charger is the charger of choice for a lot of Non-Tesla users on long road trips.

There are over 35,000+ wall connectors at destination charging sites across Australia. You can either google search for the Tesla charging stations or use plugshare web app to navigate to the charging stations. The Tesla charging station cost in Australia is currently $0.51 per kilowatt-hour.


There’s no denying that when it comes to electric vehicle production Tesla is in a world of its own. Most people opt for Tesla because they believe it’s the best brand or at the very least, among the best.
If you’re an EV enthusiast like most of us at EV Powerhouse are, then the odds of making use of a Tesla are high. And when you need the ideal electric vehicle charger retailer for you, please look no further than EV Powerhouse.

We Are Here to Help!

Our EV Powerhouse experts pride themselves on assisting our clients to meet their personal, business, and commercial needs. If you would like more information on our product range, and installation, or have other inquiries, contact us through our website.

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