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BYD Expansion: Atto 3 in Morocco & South Africa

Byd han

BYD is making significant strides in expanding its footprint in Africa. Introducing three exciting models, the BYD Han EV, Tang EV, and the Atto 3. Recently, BYD presented their models at an impressive brand launch event in Morocco. They have partnered with Auto Nejma to promote sustainable transportation and bring electric vehicles to the roads of Morocco.

BYD is a global company that has developed key technologies for new energy vehicles, covering over 400 cities in more than 70 countries. In the first half of 2022, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales volume increased by 300% year-over-year. Recently, the company celebrated the production of its 3 million new energy vehicles.


Morocco: Driving Towards Sustainable Mobility

Morocco, known for its ambition to lead Africa’s auto industry, presents an ideal market for BYD’s electric vehicles. Teaming up with Auto Nejma, a subsidiary of the Hakam Family Group, BYD aims to profoundly impact the nation’s evolving EV scene. Hakam Family Group is the exclusive representative of renowned automotive brands in Morocco.

During the Brand Launch Event, BYD impressed the Moroccan audience with the Han EV, Tang EV, and the Atto 3. This is a significant milestone in the company’s global expansion. While initially introducing fully built vehicles, Morocco’s push to become a regional auto manufacturing hub could entice BYD to consider local assembly in the near future.

The strategic move to offer left-hand drive models aligns perfectly with Morocco’s driving orientation. This will give the nation a head start in adopting BYD’s top-of-the-line EVs. As European markets progressively phase out internal combustion engines, Morocco’s commitment to embracing electric mobility reflects its determination to stay at the forefront of the automotive industry in Africa.

BYD atto 3 front

BYD in South Africa

South Africa, another key market for BYD, recently witnessed the launch of its popular model: the Atto 3. It is a dynamic C-class SUV built on BYD’s e-Platform 3.0. The Atto 3 has exceptional intelligence, efficiency, safety, and aesthetic performance. As we know, it is equipped with BYD’s Blade Battery, offering a pure electric & range of up to 420 km(WLTP).

The Atto 3 is available in two variants, the 49.92 kWh Standard Range model starting from R768,000 ($40,941) and the 60.48 kWh Extended Range model starting at R835,000 ($44,479). The Atto 3 brings affordability to South Africa’s burgeoning EV market. It has a permanent magnet synchronous motor delivering 150 kW/310 Nm. The Atto 3 offers South African customers a redefined driving experience with its impressive 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 7.3 seconds.

Recharging your Atto 3 SUV is easy, with AC charging capabilities of up to 7kW and DC charging capabilities of up to 70kW/80kW (CCS2). This ensures that users can quickly recharge their vehicles and continue their urban commutes without any difficulties.

Promising Sustainable Mobility in South Africa

As one of Africa’s largest economies, South Africa faces significant challenges related to air pollution. This presents a golden opportunity for EVs like the Atto 3 to revolutionize the transportation sector. With a traditionally premium EV landscape dominated by luxury brands, introducing more affordable models like the Atto 3 signals a promising shift towards a greener future.

BYD’s opening was a pivotal moment for the company & for South Africans eager to embrace cleaner transportation alternatives—the company’s commitment to creating employment opportunities and reducing carbon emissions through clean energy solutions.

In alignment with its vision to “Cool the Earth by 1℃,” BYD is achieving a cleaner and more sustainable transportation sector in South Africa and beyond. As BYD continues to build a robust local sales and service system, South Africans can experience more of BYD’s vehicles. This will fuel the growth of sustainable mobility in the region.

Final Thoughts

BYD’s range of electric vehicles in Morocco shows its commitment to sustainable transportation and electrification in Africa. With the launch of the Atto 3 in South Africa, BYD further reinforces its commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable mobility solutions. Seeing more African countries embracing electric mobility and sustainable transportation options is encouraging. BYD’s innovative and affordable vehicles are poised to shake up the automotive industry on the continent. This bodes well for a greener future, and we can move forward confidently in that direction.



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