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EV Charger for AIRBNB and Holiday Property. 

solar compatible ev charger

People love to spend time at beautiful scenic locations during holidays like New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Airbnb rental properties located in Australia help travellers relax during the holidays. If you are the owner, you always look for ways to attract more clients or guests by including additional features to your property.

These days, plenty of people love to drive electric cars. And introducing a fast EV charging facility would be a huge advantage for your business. With more people visiting, you can increase your revenue stream. Installing an electric vehicle charging station at your investment property is a great solution for guests looking to get the juice they need to stay power-on during long stays at vacation properties or AIRBNB locations.

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Benefits of Installing EV Charger at your investment property

Home ev wallbox charging

1) Technology/ electric car-driven customers

There is a solid argument that Installing an electric vehicle charger at an investment property can increase reviews by guests by up to 50%. This a perfect opportunity to attract EV drivers to your property. Due to the ease of EV charging during their stay rather than going to a public charging station and waiting for hours to charge up their Kia EV6, BMW iX, Tesla or any other EV.

2) Boosted property value

Are you renting one or more of your properties out but have been left underwhelmed by the results? You might be missing out on the chance for improvement. Investing in a smart accessory, like an EV charger, in your property can bring greater returns. Providing a future tenant with additional facilities. Upping the appeal of your dwelling could increase perceived value to prospective buyers. It is observed that an EV charger installation could pull up your property value by up to 10%.

3) Elimination of Range Anxiety associated with electric cars

Electric cars are always dependent on their battery charge, so maybe you’re losing out on potential tenants (EV owners). Because they can’t charge their cars at your place. Installing an EV charger for renters or Airbnb property owners is the perfect way to eliminate range anxiety for an EV owner.

Electric car owners want to drive long distances, and charging stations are not readily available. If you offer a fast EV charging facility at your place, it will be desirable for your guests.

4) Repeat guests/EV drivers

Many people find that switching to EVs can be overwhelming and costly. Especially if they don’t have a fast EV charger installed at home, however, installing an EV charger at your holiday property or Airbnb can be a very favourable decision. It also brings repeat customers or guests who appreciate the convenience and saving potential of having an EV charger in a recreational place or Airbnb location. Your one-time guest could be a long-term customer that way.

5) A revenue Boost

EV charging facility is an open door to boost your revenue potential. EV lovers are ready to pay if you equip your investment property with an EV charger. For each charging session, you can charge a bit of a fee while providing other features.

Things to consider when you plan to get an EV Charging station

As the number of EVs on the road increases, many property owners are considering the installation of EV charging stations. Here are some factors to consider before committing to this investment:

1) How would you get your return on investment?

An EV charging station can be a hefty investment, so you’ll want to be sure that you’ll be able to recoup your costs. Several factors including utility costs per kWh and Govt. tax credits, and grants play a vital role. It pulls down the upfront cost and increases the return on investment. You can claim tax credits and have the opportunity of gaining government grants.

Another key point is the fee that you’re going to charge for EV charging by using friendly payment gateways. Using SMART charging technology, you could monitor ongoing energy costs and tracks customer billings that surely affect your ROI.

2) Where it’s going to be installed, accessibility?

Another important step is to consider the location where the EV charging station is to be installed and whether there is good access for EV owners wanting to charge up. If the location is off the beaten track, it’s likely that EV owners will give it a miss in favour of a more convenient option.

3) Is there sufficient electrical capacity?

You need to audit your property to confirm whether your electrical system has enough capacity to handle the additional load (kW). To determine whether your electrical system has sufficient capacity, you’ll need to consult with a professional. They’ll be able to assess your current set-up and make recommendations as to what if any, wiring upgrades need to be made in order to accommodate an EV charger.

4) Is your Airbnb property a detached home or a multi-unit dwelling “apartment building?

If your Airbnb is a detached home, installation is typically more straightforward since you can easily access your home’s electrical system. However, if you live in an apartment building, it’s important to check with your building manager or owner to see if they have any restrictions on installing EV charging stations.

Due to load constraints, many multi-unit dwellings don’t allow residents to install Level 2 or Level 3 chargers, so you may be stuck with a Level 1 charger. You might need to look into home charging installation guides for complete information.

When choosing a charger for electric vehicles, several variables must be considered. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting an EV charger:

1) Price and return on investment

First, think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend on an EV charger? There are many options available at a variety of price points. Some chargers come with premium features like built-in Wi-Fi or smart controls that allow you to monitor and manage EV charging via an app. The rule is simple-if you offer more convenience to your Airbnb guests, your ROI will be faster.

2) Speed

Consider the charger’s amperage, as charging speed is directly proportional to amperage. A higher amperage charger (Level 2 or DC Fast) will charge an electric vehicle more quickly than a lower amperage charger, ultimately saving time for tenants.

3) Warranty and Maintenance

Warranty and timely maintenance are directly concerned with the charger’s lifespan, so check the manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance options available for the charger. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties and service plans, so be sure to ask about these before making your purchase.

4) Installation

Installation ease is one of the most important factors to consider. Some chargers (level 3) may require professional installation with additional hardware or wiring, which can add to the overall cost. Others are designed for do-it-yourselfers and can be installed in existing 230V household electrical systems with little hassle.

Cost Reimbursement for Electricity

The amount of compensation can vary depending on your electric company’s rates and policies. Electric power costs 0.320 AU dollars per kilowatt hour for households and 0.266 Australian Dollars per kilowatt hour for businesses, including the electric power, distribution, and taxes involved.

Once you have installed an EV charger for Airbnb, you may be able to receive reimbursement for the electricity used by EV owners. This compensation is typically based on the number of charging sessions and each session’s duration.

Recommended Compatible Airbnb EV Charging Stations

Finally, changing stations ticks almost all the above checklists. We have picked the best Airbnb property EV Charging units below.

22kw solar optimized ev charging station

Wallbox Commander2 22 kW

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7kw solar optimized ev charging station

Smart Mini Wallbox PRO 22KW

View Product

7kw solar optimized ev charging station

Wallbox Copper SB 22kW

View Product

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