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Is it Time to Make the Switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles are taking over the world, and at this point, it seems like it’s only a matter of when and not if electric vehicles become the standard on Australian roads. If you’re like most Australians, you’ve most likely spent the majority of your life being around and driving traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

Why should you make the switch from a system you know, love, and trust to one that’s still proving itself? Over the course of this piece, we’ll shed a bit of light on why you should make the switch to an electric vehicle sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, gone are the days when there were only a handful of fully electric vehicle offerings on the market, and the few options we had were priced out of the range of the average Australian.

You might be pleased to find out that most of the previous barriers to entry for acquiring a new electric vehicle are being mitigated, and you are more likely to make long-term savings with the right electric vehicle than the average fully diesel or petrol-powered car.

What’s all the Fuss about Electric Vehicles?

Here are five of the best reasons you might want to consider investing in your first electric vehicle, they include;

EV charger in operation


There’s no denying the fact that we all need to contribute our quota towards improving air quality while decreasing emissions. Private vehicles are one of the major proponents of emissions, and we can all play a part in reducing overall emissions by switching to electric vehicles, which are more environmentally responsible when compared to conventional vehicles.

Governments and big energy companies can further this cause by sourcing more of our electricity sustainably.

  • New Design Horizons

One of the most overlooked reasons to invest in an electric car is that it gives you access to an entirely new design experience. For the most part, petrol and diesel-powered vehicles have been the norm, and every power design has limitations.

Electric vehicles do not need to adhere to a considerable amount of the design limitations that conventional vehicles need to (electric vehicles have their own unique limitations too). Electric vehicle creators have been able to inculcate new design features on their vehicles, and by doing so, electric vehicles have been able to redefine the car ownership experience.

  • Exciting Driving Experience

Talking about redefining the car ownership experience, brands like Tesla have been at the forefront of pushing the envelope of what a car can be. If you’ve experienced top-notch electric vehicles, you’ll be able to attest to the fact that there’s something new, exciting, and amazing about the driving and ownership experiences that electric vehicle makers are cultivating.

At the end of the day, if you’re tired of the norm, and you would love to experience something new, you might want to consider investing in your first electric vehicle sooner rather than later.

  • Fuel Savings

One of the major aspects of owning and operating a vehicle is fueling it, and it doesn’t matter if you own a diesel, electric, hybrid, petrol, or even steam vehicle, your car needs power.

Petrol and diesel cost considerably more than electricity, and that means that it costs the average conventional car owner more to fill up their SUV with petrol or diesel than it costs an electric vehicle SUV owner to recharge their battery with their home or public electric vehicle charger. When you make the switch to an electric vehicle, you’re almost certain to make considerable fuel savings.

  • Low Operational Costs

First and foremost, a considerable amount of countries around the world are motivating the switch to electric vehicles by offering scintillating tax breaks and tax cuts on new electric vehicle purchases. Australia is not left behind, when you invest in an EV, you can make savings on purchases, and that works to reduce your overall operational costs over time.

When you combine the significant savings you’ll make on fuel, and possible tax incentives, your operational costs can be below. Another way to reduce your overall operational cost is by charging your battery at home during off-peak hours, more on this later.

I do not know a lot about Electric Vehicle Chargers, what services can I reach out to?

You might be ready to invest in your first electric vehicle, and naturally, you have some questions that you’ll need answers to. Alternatively, you might also be in the market for your first or next home electric charging unit, and you need answers to a few frequently asked questions. Fret not; here are a few things to look out for in your next EV charger retailer.

EV commercial charging station

  • Professionalism

When you’re choosing a retailer for your home or office electric vehicle charger, it might be in your best interest to look out for a service that prioritizes professionalism. The last thing you want when investing in an electric vehicle charger is a service that does not value professionalism.

EV Powerhouse is a new and exciting electric vehicle charger retailer that goes above and beyond when it comes to professionalism.

  • Knowledgeability

Have you ever tried to make purchases from a retail service with no employee that seems like they know what they’re talking about? It’s a horrendous experience and here at EV Powerhouse, we believe that nobody should have to live through such an experience.

EV Powerhouse has made it a priority to only engage professionals that are conversant in the products we sell.

  • Exciting & New

When it comes to electric vehicles and their accessories, it’s important to always stay in the loop regarding the latest happenings, and if you lose concentration for a moment, you’ll no longer have the latest info to help clients.

Electric Vehicle charger retailers do not get more exciting than EV Powerhouse; EV Powerhouse is a new and exciting company that’s bringing new energy into electric vehicle chargers retail.

I Cannot Afford a Tesla, are there any options for me?

We understand that Tesla is a brand that’s synonymous with electric vehicles, and we understand why you might think the world’s most valuable automobile brand is the only automaker offering electric vehicles. There are also a considerable amount of Australians that are aware that other electric vehicle brands exist but believe that they’re of lower quality or provide a subpar electric vehicle experience.

Tesla Electric Vehicle logo

There’s no denying the fact that Tesla is an amazing brand, and they’ve truly revolutionized the car ownership experience, but they’re not the only players in the electric vehicle manufacturing space. We have a couple of amazing electric vehicle manufacturers with exciting offerings such as Hyundai Ionic Electric, Hyundai Kona, Kia Niro, MG ZS EV Essence, Nissan Leaf, Mini Cooper SE, and much more.

Admittedly, the price of the average electric vehicle is still higher than most people would prefer, but if we look at the last few years, the price of the average EV has reduced dramatically and steadily, and the next few years promise more price reductions coupled with more exciting features and offerings.

There are a lot of non-Tesla EV options for you; the sky is your starting point.

What should I know before investing in my first EV?

These days, it seems like there’s an overload of information relating to electric vehicles, everybody feels like they know enough about EVs, and too many people consider themselves to be “experts.” What should I know before investing in my first electric vehicle? This is a question that we get asked a lot, and as someone who is interested in investing in an EV, it’s a must-ask question.

Here are a few things you need to know before investing in an electric vehicle, they include;

  • EVs are not as environmentally sustainable as you might think

There’s no denying the fact that electric vehicles cut down a considerable amount of emissions and “reduce” our dependence on fossil fuels, but most electric vehicles get their electricity from publicly owned and controlled power grids that get their power from unsustainable powers sources including fossil fuels like coal, nuclear power, petrol & diesel, and much more.

  • Current Operational Restrictions

Australia and a lot of other countries are currently making massive investments in electric vehicle infrastructure, including charging points, and the likes.

But this doesn’t take away from the fact that as of today, electric vehicle infrastructure is lacking in our country, and unless you live in and around major urban centers, you may not be able to operate your vehicle far from your home or office (if you have a home or business charging point from EV Powerhouse).

  • New Technology

Unfortunately, unless you’ve invested in a top-of-the-line electric vehicle from top brands, you may be out of luck if your electric vehicle manufacturer is still trying to figure out its system. New technologies take time to get a hang of, and some EVs from lesser-known automakers may have system issues.

Are Electric Vehicles Truly Environmentally Sustainable?

One of the biggest selling points of electric vehicles over time is how many emissions we can cut when we make use of vehicles that do not emit harmful chemicals associated with conventional vehicles. When we consider how most electric vehicle charging stations get their electricity, it’s only natural to wonder if electric vehicles are as environmentally sustainable as advertised.

Please do not get us wrong, EV Powerhouse isn’t claiming that electric vehicles are bad for the environment, we’re simply trying to point out areas of improvement that can help electric vehicles become more sustainable over time.


EV climate positive

Electric vehicle batteries take a lot of energy to produce, and the process of mining the metals needed to make them is harmful to our environment. As much as EVs do not emit greenhouse gases, they get their electricity from sources that do, and we cannot overlook this fact.

After all, it is said and done, electric vehicles are not YET as environmentally friendly as a lot of us would like them to be, but they’re considerably more sustainable than diesel and petrol-powered equivalents, and they’re our best option for now.

Now that you know all these, what’s next?

Electric vehicles are far from perfect, but they’re an important step that a lot of us can take towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious Australia. Electric vehicles are the present and the future of Australian roads; it’ll be in your best interest to invest in your first EV soon.

When you do make the leap to an electric vehicle, you can always count on EV Powerhouse to help you out with the perfect electric vehicle charging unit for your home or business. Welcome to your next exciting experience, EV Powerhouse promises to be by your side every step of the way.

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