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Wallbox Pro EV Charging Station

Wallbox Pro EV Charging Station

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EV Powerhouse is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to residential and commercial EV charging stations. Established in 2021, our brand is fueled by the purpose of providing reliable and innovative energy sources without adding any unneeded harm to the planet. EV Powerhouse believes in a sustainable, safe, and eco-friendly future, equipped with modern and advanced technology like electric vehicles. We are currently one of Australia’s fastest-growing specialised suppliers of EV chargers.

What are EV Chargers?

EV chargers work like traditional chargers but are capable of pulling electrical currents from a 240v outlet or directly from a source where it is hardwired. Its main function is to deliver electricity to an electric-powered vehicle like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla, or any other EV you have. EV chargers come in different types. They can be differentiated through different levels – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The higher the level of an EV charger is, the faster it charges and the more power it delivers to the vehicle.

What is the Wallbox Pro EV Charging Station?

The Wallbox Pro EV Charging Station is created both for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. An EV charger is responsible for keeping the batteries of electric vehicles full. They can typically fit any electric-run vehicle except in the case of Teslas, which may require an adapter to connect to the vehicle. Whether it is an EV Charger For Home or EV Charging Station for commercial use, its function and purpose are still the same.

What makes a commercial EV charger slightly different from a residential EV charger is the Wallbox OCPP or the Wallbox Open Charge Point Protocol. This application serves as the link between the electric vehicle charging station and the charging station network. It is a monitoring tool for charge points for a controller to see each of the charging point’s statuses. It also allows the operator or controller to authorise or stop ongoing transactions at a charging point. Meanwhile, residential EV chargers feature a Mini Wallbox that allows homeowners to connect and control their EV chargers via a mobile app. It features an emergency stop button with a friendly interface, adding security and safety to your residential EV chargers.

Wallbox Pro EV Charging Station Types

7kW Wallbox Pro Charging Station

The 7kW Wallbox Pro Charging Station is most common in residential homes and apartment parking areas. For a standard electric car with a 60kWh battery, it will take less than 8 hours to completely charge from an empty battery to a full one using a 7kW EV charger. 

11kW Wallbox Pro Charging Station

Another residential EV charger is the 11kW Wallbox Pro Charging Station.  This Level 2 EV charger is considered to be the most practical choice for electric car owners with limited circuit capacity at home. They offer a faster-charging speed than level 1 or 7kW charging stations.

22kW Wallbox Pro Charging Station

A 22kW Wallbox Pro charging station offers up to five times faster charging compared to Level 1 or Level 2 EV chargers. Charging the 75kWh battery of a Tesla Model S would only take 5 hours with a 22kWh EV charger. In order to install a level 3 or 22kW charging station, a 3-phase incoming power supply is needed in your building.

Experience the EV Powerhouse Difference

The Wallbox Pro EV Charging Station is a true multi-tasker. It provides timely and convenient charging services for EV drivers while simultaneously being cost-effective for the owner. With its flexible mounting options, it’s perfect for commercial or public parking lots! The Wallbox Pro also comes with RFID authentication, which makes it easy to charge your vehicle safely. To learn more about EV Powerhouse’s Teison Chargers, Contact Us today!