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Teison EV Charging Station

Teison EV Charging Station

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EV Powerhouse is a fast-rising name for innovative electrical vehicle chagring solutions in Australia. With the goal of becoming an entirely carbon-neutral organisation, EV Powerhouse features products that are innovative, efficient, and high-quality within the current EV industry. Featuring a huge range of EV charging options for your home or business, EV Powerhouse is here to change and electrify your journey. Among our featured products are EV Home Chargers, Commercial EV Charging Stations, Teison EV Chargers, Wallbox Pro, Mini Wallbox and Wallbox OCPP charging units.

Types of Teison Charging Stations in the Market

One of the many advantages of the Teison EV chargers is that they are small yet powerful, making them easy to transport, install, and store when not in use. There are three types of Teison charging stations in the market.

7kW Teison EV Charger

As a Level 1 EV charger, the 7kW Teison EV Charger is ideal for home and personal use. It is the slowest among the Teison EV chargers and is great for personal use to charge your electric car at home. A standard 60kWh battery in an electric vehicle would take about eight hours to be fully charged with this type of charger. 

11kW Teison EV Charger

Mostly used as a residential or personal charging point for EVs, the 11kW Teison EV charger is considered a Level 2 charging point. Using an 11kW EV charger, it will take a Tesla 75 kWh battery seven hours to go from empty to full charge. The 11kW 16A 3-phase wall-mounted EV Teison charger is ideal for brand models such as Audi, Mini, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Smart, EQ, Renault, Tesla, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Tesla. You can find a full car guide on our website.

22kW Teison EV Charger

Ideal for commercial use, the 22kW Teison EV charging station offers the fastest charging time of most options available. However, it is important that this device is supported by buildings that feature a 3-phase incoming power supply. 

What Does the Teison Charging Station Offer?

EV Powerhouses’ Teison EV Charging Station commercial charge points are built from industrial-grade components to enable them to withstand daily charging in commercial sites. With the Teison brand as one of the world’s leading EV charging manufacturers, you can never go wrong with their EV charging solutions. With a range of between 7 and 22kW per charge point, they can suit a variety of needs and vehicles. The Teison Commercial Charge Point from EV Powerhouse is easy to install and is reliable. Our commercial charge point is strong enough for everyday use but also future-proofed with a design that can be easily adapted to different power supplies. 

Teison’s multipoint EV charging solution is the perfect choice for businesses looking to provide their employees with an easy way of charging their electric vehicles at work. In addition to commercial EV charging stations, Teison also carries portable and at home EV charging stations. Similar to the Mini Wallbox, it comes with a plug-and-play feature, with a matching mobile app to offer seamless operation and security even when you’re far away from home.

Experience the EV Powerhouse Difference

Are you thinking of adding in more services for your customers to use? We’ve got you covered. Our EV Powerhouse Teison EV Charging Station is a commercial-grade charging station that will keep your vehicle running all day long. Available in a variety of configurations, this charging station is one of the most durable and efficient on the market. Contact Us via our website today to learn more about EV Powerhouse’s Teison Charging Stations.