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EV Wallbox Charger | 7KW Smart OCPP Socket Charger

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Note: This product must be installed by a Licensed Electrician !

The Intelligent OCPP EV Wallbox Charger is specifically designed for commercial use. The flexibility to mount it on a wall or a stand is ideal for commercial and public car parks and charging stations. Integrated RFID authentication makes it simple for users to charge their electric vehicles and for remote charge management.

Beautifully designed by an Italian designer, the Intelligent OCPP charger comes equipped with a type 2 charging socket. This makes it compatible with both type 1 and type 2 cables.

Single Phase 7KW input.
Comes with 2 Years warranty Check our warranty terms and conditions
App available in both google play store and Apple store.
Made from a special SMC high-fibre material, it can withstand high levels of public use and difficult environments.
An MID certified meter ensures accuracy, and a built-in RCD and Type B RCD add to its safe use.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all EVs with a Type 2 socket and is stable when rapidly charging compatible EVs. These include models from Audi, BMW, BYD, MG, Tesla, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Kia, Mercedes, Peugeot, Hyundai, Fiat, Porsche, Toyota, and more.

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 AC Contactor: The charger uses electrical appliances to control the load.

 LCD Screen (5”): A 5-inch large colour LCD screen makes it easy to monitor.

 Privacy using RFID: RFID technology means users need only simply swipe and charge which protects personal privacy.

MID Meter: For effective, economic power use, the MID meter accumulatively records all charging power used at your charging station.

 Type B RCD: The first choice for high-end household high-power appliances, offering you the safe charging experience.

Auxiliary power supply (APS): The auxiliary power supply converts AC to DC where required.

Connectivity: Use remote management through the in built internet connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G.

App Operability: Download the Teison Me app from either the Google Play or Apple stores.

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Commercial Charging Management: Use the OCPP protocol for remote control at your charging station.

Monitoring and Reporting: Track and adjust power consumption.

Economic: Select your energy tariff and let the app automatically work out the cheapest time to charge your EV.

More Durable: PCV0 special high pc material, can bear smashing, throwing, and other cruel environments.

OCPP full function: Our charging pile has OCPP1.6-J full functions, including core functions, Smart charging, appointment, remote firmware upgrade, etc.

IKO8: Impact protection rated.

More secure: The charger uses a MID certified meter to ensure accuracy and built-in RCD to secure safety. The charger also includes type B to make the charging safer.


» Secure Charging: The Teison Intelligent OCPP EV Wallbox Charger has both product liability insurance and operator property insurance. This ensures asset security; intelligent identification of power load and communication facilities in the vehicle for charging safety; monitoring temperature and charging status monitor and allows for early warning of risks, and provides accurate, effective parameters if there is an accident.

» Intelligent Technology: This charger has intelligent technology. It can automatically identify a huge range of error codes and repair them. It also has automatic measurement, control and protection; can make a remote diagnosis and smart power distribution.

» Unattended Operation: The Intelligent OCPP Charger allows user full self-help, unattended operation. It is the only multi-level accounting system to ensure operating revenue calculation that has supporting LAN and Cloud data transfer which makes operation simple.


Model TS-EVC07-002C-001S
Rated Voltage 230VAC ±10%
Max Output Current 32A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max Output Power 7kw
Emergency Stop Button Yes
Display LCD touch screen
RFID Function 3 cards included
Energy Meter MID certified
Charging Outlet Integrated charging Socket Type2 (IEC 62196-2)
Housing Material PCV0 for outdoor
Front Panel PC
Installation Method Wall-mount (Optional Floor-stand Not included “sold separately”)
Network Gateway Ethernet/Wifi/4G communication
Communication Protocol OCPP1.6 (JSON)
Safety Standard EN 61851-1
Warranty 2 years
Protection Level IP67
Temperature/Humidity -30~50°C/5%~95% without condensation
Working Altitude <2000M
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor

Additional Information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 50.5 × 38.5 × 17 cm






Packaging Details

» Product Net weight: 10KG

» Product Gross wight: 10.5KG

» Package Size: 300 x 300 x 200 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

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EV Wallbox Charger | 7KW Smart OCPP Socket ChargerEV Wallbox Charger | 7KW Smart OCPP Socket Charger
$1,990.00 inc GST

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