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Toyota: The One

Toyota is an automotive brand that needs no introduction; this brand is one of the most visible and widely used car brands in the world. In a lot of countries, Toyota is King because even if you’re not driving a Toyota, your car’s manufacturer might be a part of the Toyota group.
Toyota currently offers hybrid and hydrogen vehicles in the Australian market, and the difference between a hydrogen and hybrid vehicle is that a hybrid uses a petrol engine while also creating electricity by harnessing its momentum and storing it in its batteries to be used later.

On the other hand, hydrogen-powered vehicles create their own energy through chemical reactions that power the electric motor when necessary.
Toyota is one of the main proponents and champions of hybrid technology, and since they launched this technology in their vehicles in 1997, they have never looked back. You can access amazing Toyota Hybrids in Australia, such as the RAV 4, but we’ll rather focus on the future.
Finally, Toyota has a full BEV, and it’s coming to Australia soon, a statement from Toyota stated that they will introduce the Toyota BZ4X battery electric vehicle to Australia anytime soon.

Toyota Models

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