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Tesla: Big, Strong, and Irresistible

When we talk about electric vehicle makers, it’s safe to say that no brand comes close to the level of brand recognition that Tesla has. To say that Tesla has become synonymous with electric vehicles wouldn’t be too long of a stretch, and in some instances, the word Tesla and EV are used interchangeably to mean the same thing in sentences.

There’s a reason why Tesla has such an amazing reputation, it’s because they engineer amazing automobiles and truly focus on user experience as an important factor in their design and production. Australian electric vehicle fans can order the Tesla Model 3 that’s eligible for electric vehicle incentives in VIC, ACT, TAS, and NSW.
The Tesla Model Y is also an amazing option, if you need something more imposing, then you may want to consider investing in the Tesla Model X. If the Model X isn’t your style, then the Tesla Model S is definitely worth considering.
Tesla is a brand that needs little introduction, and Australian customers can take advantage of future Tesla models such as the Cybertruck and more exciting works of art from Elon’s team.

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