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Mini: Small but mighty

The Mini was born out of necessity in the late 1950s. While Europe was still recovering from the Second World War in the 1950s, an oil crisis made the cost of operating automobiles unrealistic and this led customers and automotive makers alike to wonder if gas-guzzling vehicles were worth the investment.
Alec Issigonis of the Morris Company was issued a challenge by his boss to design and create a small, fuel-efficient vehicle capable of comfortably conveying four adults, and within reach of the average brit. This led to the creation of the first Mini, and the rest is history.

Australian electric vehicle enthusiasts can now enjoy a wide range of electric vehicles, and there’s no denying that Mini went above and beyond for their brilliant electric vehicle line. You can step up with the 3-Door Hatch that starts at around AUD 42,564, and if that’s not your style, you may want to consider the 5-Door Hatch that starts at around AUD 43,606.
Mini also offers their stylish Countryman electric vehicle and the Club man electric vehicle that’s Mini’s most expensive EV offering in Australia. In 2022, you can turn heads with the Mini EV convertible that’s stylish, sleek, and elegant.

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