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The story of how MG started fits into the classic narrative of great automotive brands being created out of the brilliance of one person or a few like-minded individuals. William Morris, the founder of MG first started producing bicycles in Birmingham and only turned his attention to cars in 1911.

Morris Garages (MG) sold and repaired various types of automobiles but it wasn’t until 1923 that the MG name was born. Over the years, MG has undergone a myriad of ownership changes, and all through the years, this brand has remained true to the founder’s dreams.
Now under the direction of a Chinese corporation, MG offers some of the most exciting electric vehicles on the Australian market. There’s no denying that the MG ZS EV, its electric vehicle line offers some of the best-value Evs in our country.

From the ZS EV line, we have the MG ZS EV Essence, a family-friendly vehicle that expertly combines functionality with usability. With features like Apple CarPlay & Android AUTO, you can stay connected and entertained in your ESSENCE.
As exciting as this vehicle is, MG promises to bless the Australian electric vehicle market with even more amazing vehicles that’ll make heads turn.

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