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When it comes to luxury automobiles, there are few brands that are comparable to Mercedes Benz, and this German giant has carefully crafted its brand to appeal to all but accessible to only those of us with deep pockets. Mercedes Benz does a good job of engineering their vehicles and some might argue that they over-engineer their cars.
When Mercedes Benz made the leap to producing electric vehicles, they did it in grand style and created an entirely new brand for their electric vehicles. According to Mercedes, they believe in the electric future and they’re working to create it today.
Mercedes-EQ is their new EV brand and EQ stands for Electric Intelligence and it encompasses a wide range of electric innovations, technologies, services, and mobility products. Australian consumers can invest in the all-electric EQC with a total range of up to 400kms; you may also decide that the Mercedes Benz EQA with about 400kms maximum range fits your tastes more.

Additionally, we can expect more variants in the EQ series such as the futuristic EQS, the family-friendly EQB, or the breathtaking EQE sedan. Long story short, Australian fans of Mercedes Benz will be spoiled for choice over the coming years.

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