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Mazda: New Future, New Rules

Jujiro Matsuda created the Toyo Cork Kogyo, a cork-making business in Japan, and by the 1930s, this cork-making business had successfully pivoted to manufacturing automobiles, and this led to a name change from Toyo Cork Kogyo to Mazda. Today, Mazda has become synonymous with beautifully created vehicles with reliable performance and quality value for money.

Mazda is one of those utilitarian automobile brands that know their role in the market but always make efforts to push the envelope on what cost-effective vehicles can do, and you’ll be happy to learn that Mazda is ready to enter the Australian EV market with one of their best pieces of engineering.
Mazda’s first all-electric vehicle will be the Mazda MX – 30. This vehicle has it all, from amazing design elements created for people with active lifestyles to environmentally conscious construction materials, and an interior that’s worth the investment. The MX-30 is only Mazda’s first all-electric offering, and they’ve managed to build a vehicle that can compete with seasoned electric vehicle manufacturers. The future looks bright and exciting for Australian fans of Mazda because Mazda is currently working on a wide range of all-electric and partially electric vehicles for you.

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