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Lexus: Flagship One

Lexus has a different story to a lot of other premium automobile manufacturers; Lexus wasn’t created as part of a post-war effort to help a country or something similar. When Eiji Toyoda was Toyota’s chairman in 1983, he issued a challenge to his team to develop what he termed the world’s “best car.” The chairman’s challenge led to a top-secret project named “Flagship One”, and the result of this project ultimately became the Lexus LS 400.
Toyota has always cultivated a brand that it is for the people, and that led Toyota to lose customers that wanted a brand that was “perceived” to have some essence of luxury to it, that’s why Lexus was born.

Australian electric vehicle enthusiasts can now make the most of the all-new Lexus UX 300E, and this vehicle is truly a beauty to behold. The Lexus UX 300e will be available from November 2021 and this marvel of engineering manages to harness over 15 years of Lexus expertise in battery, electric motor, and energy management development.
Lexus also plans to introduce the LF-30 in the coming years as part of its Lexus Electrified theme for the present and the future.

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