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Range Rover

Range Rover: Reimagined for today and tomorrow

Range Rover is one of the epitomes of British auto luxury, and for most of its existence, Range Rover has been a symbol of class and taste in Europe and beyond. Range Rover offers a healthy range of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles that fit the taste of only the most astute of Australian EV enthusiasts.

Some Range Rover PHEVs available to Australian customers include the Range Rover PHEV with an electric vehicle range of 40.2 Kilometers, the Range Rover Sport PHEV with an electric vehicle range of up to 41.8 Kilometers, the Range Rover Velar PHEV with up to 53 Kilometers of electric vehicle range, and the Range Rover Evoque PHEV with a whopping 54.7 Kilometers of maximum electric vehicle range.
The most amazing thing about Range Rover is that they’ve only just begun their electric journey, and over the next few months, Australian customers will be able to access some of the most exciting PHEVs and MHEVs. By 2022, we will all be able to get our hands on all-electric vehicles from Land Rover (Range Rover’s parent company.)

Range Rover Models

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