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Jaguar: Silky Smooth

William Lyons and Williams Walmsley founded the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, and in 1935 Walmsley sold his shares leaving the business with only one William, and this led to a rebranding that resulted in the company’s name evolving to S.S. Jaguar in the same year.
Jaguar is one of those cars that stylish Australians cannot help but love, and all their vehicles have a sporty, luxurious feeling to them that stylish Australians find hard to resist. Whether you’re in the market for your first or next electric vehicle, a Jaguar should always be on your mind.

Australians can now make the switch to electric through the Jaguar I-Pace, an all-electric offering from Jaguar that’s in a world of its own. The I-Pace seemingly does everything better, from its interior to its ridiculously exciting performance to an exterior that’s to die for, and when you couple that with meticulously sculpted in-car technology, you have a world-beater on your hands.
That’s not all, in 2022; you can access more of Jaguar’s BEV (all-electric) vehicles solely powered by a battery and electric motors as well as the MHEV (mild-hybrid) that delivers less CO2 emissions while consuming less fuel. Life gets more exciting when you own a Jaguar.

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