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Hyundai: Embracing Modernity

The Hyundai Motor Company launched its first brand in 1967 but this South Korean brand can trace its earliest days to 1947 when the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company was founded by Chung Ju-Yang. Hyundai is another Asian brand that Australians love because they always invest in research and developments and have a way of being one of the first to adopt new technologies.

I guess they have no choice but to embrace modernity, as the word “Hyundai” is derived from the Korean word for “modernity.” Some Hyundai electric vehicle offerings available in Australia in 2021 include the Kona electric, and you get a lot from this compact SUV, with a maximum range of 484 km on a full charge.
If you need something different, then you may want to consider the five-door Hyundai Ioniq with a maximum driving range of 311 km on a full charge. Long term, Hyundai is going to have one of the largest offerings of electric vehicles in our country because Hyundai Australia has shown interest in making every single Hyundai electric vehicle available in our country in as little time as possible.

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